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GOP’s ‘Post-Mortem’ Shows Political Party Without A Clue

maverick13 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 3:07 AM
I'm not ready to throw in the towel because of anything Obama knows. Sure the Republicans could have gone all day long challenging everything Obama said as a lie and they would have been right, but the candidates were told you better not call Obama on his ideology or else the independents would switch to the Democrats. Democrats are always setting the rules for the Republicans, but gives themselves a pass on civility. It's the Democrats and Obama's MSM who are brainwashing the public to become tone deaf to everything they hear from Republicans. I'm not basing how I feel about the Republican party on what Obama, the Democrats or their MSM lies about. I still live in reality, not the manufactured world Obama created.

President Obama knows for a fact what many in the Republican Party — especially it's "leadership" — fail to understand or acknowledge: the GOP is not only irrelevant, but impotent as it flails about in search of convictions, some backbone, national support and an honest message.

The just released self-described "autopsy" report by the Republican National Committee merely confirms that truth.

Beyond the president, this new reality has dawned on all but the most partisan Republicans or consultants to the RNC.

It has become crystal clear that a growing number of liberals in positions of power have little or no respect...