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I thought journalist understood only Democrat supporters in the MSM are given whatever they ask for. That's what legitimate media operation means. Democrat supporters.
Lowering expectations is nothing more then an admission of failure. We just don't have what it takes. Obama admitted it himself when he called everything that was happening as the New Norm. He couldn't bring himself to say his was a total failure and that he didn't have the IQ to run a country like America so he comes up with the New Norm. Failure is failure no matter how much Obama and the Democrats changes the language to hide they haven't a clue how to run a free society. Obama and his Democrats might be super stars if they governed a socialist or communist country but here in America their like fish out of water. They don't belong in a free society with their ideology or their sick twisted way of thinking.
Come on. We know who came up with workplace violence. It was Obama and his lack of American fundamentals. In this country American's are the enemy and the terrorist like Hasan are given every opportunity American's should be given.
What about the baby in the womb? How would that baby vote? For Wendy Davis? Not on your life. The life of the baby that is.
I think we can see the direction this is headed with the Democrats and their political agenda. How can ebola benefit Obama and the Democrat party. Who cares if a couple of people die from ebola. What's that compared to the everlasting agenda of the Democrats. If ebola can be used to promote racism or whatever sick twisted ideas the Democrats can come up with so be it. If Harry Reid caught ebola what do you think the Democrats would be doing. If Nancy Pelosi caught ebola do you think we would be hearing the MSM saying it's no big deal. If one of Obama's daughters caught ebola, do you think he would run out to play golf when he wants to escape discussion on real issues. If Obama had American fundamentals and their taught at birth in the country you were born, do you think he would care more about the American people. I doubt it. He would still be a Democrat and they all lack American fundamentals for having been born in this country.
As a result, Illinois still overspends, overborrows and overpromises. Didn't Obama say this election was going to be about him and his policies. All Quinn has to say to the voters is what Obama has said time and time again. This is the New Norm. It doesn't get any better then this. Democrat Governors must truly believe the worst shape a state is in they are loved for their politics.
It goes without saying, once you've created a base so stupid, you must continue to spoon feed them stupid and ridiculous talking points that keeps them on the Democrats agenda of racism and the sequester. The Democrat base eats this stuff up. You can almost hear them shouting, feed us stupid stuff. We need it.
Bravo Huckabee. Bravo. God is very clear on this. Time doesn't matter when it comes to the word of God. God's word is everlasting. It doesn't change with time, nor does it change when there's a new Pope or when some Supreme Court Justice thinks it's time for a change because of pressure from the Democrats or the MSM. Let's not forget what this really is. It's not civil rights nor is it homophobia. It's a rebellion against God. Just like abortion is a direct rebellion against God.
Wendy Davis is being nothing more then a good Democrat. She knows Democrats get a pass on just about everything. Even being stupid. Ever heard of like minded people sticking together. The stupid sticks with the stupid. Hasn't the MSM been there for Obama when he says stupid things.
Which women is Wendy Davis talking about. Those who rebel against God by killing babies and that is what abortion is about, rebellion against God. Or the women who believe children should have the same rights inside the womb as well as outside the womb.
Playing stupid all the time is hard. It only comes easy for those in the MSM. Some fall off the wagon. Panetta fell off. The question is will he get back on the stupid wagon.
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