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Well, Obama flipped the American people the bird again. How does it go again. Laws can be broken if you have an immigrant story to tell. That's what Obama did and confirmed it with his immigrant story. Every president has done what Obama did. Which president? Obama was full of class envy and racial politics tonight wasn't he. Every time Obama opens his mouth his one track mind can't help but say the same things over and over again. I'm tired of Obama defining who the American people are. There's not an once of American fundamentalism in Obama and he stood there telling us what it's like to be American while at the same time stepping all over the Constitution. Tonight Obama abolished the House and took over their duties because he can do it all. Heck, with Obama in the White House we don't need the Senate either. This was a good example of the president the Democrats, the left and especially the MSM told Obama he was capable of being. A true Dictator in chief.
Obama said he wait sixteen months for the Republicans? What about the first two years of his presidency? He waited two years and when the Democrats were control of both Houses he said he didn't have the authority. Now that the Republicans are in control of both Houses, Obama has the authority. Every Democrat knows what Obama is doing is wrong, which is why Obama didn't try this when the Democrats were in control of both Houses. This is nothing but a political move for Obama to make him and the Democrats look good for election purposes.
When Obama and the Democrats controlled both houses, he didn't have the authority to be a Dictator. Funny how Obama is finding all of this authority after the Republicans won the House and now after this election with the Republicans winning the House and Senate, Obama has all the authority he needs.
Oh Please. The court jester attacks Pelosi and we're to jump for joy. What Stewart missed is not the pregnancy of Duckworth but if she would have had a abortion and then wanted to vote by proxy then it would have been OK with Pelosi. Steward missed this big time. It went right over his head.
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LA Poll: Landrieu in Deep, Deep Trouble

maverick13 Wrote: Nov 20, 2014 12:02 AM
After Gruber calling the American people stupid, and then Landrieu trying to get Keystone passed to save her job while others across this country lost their full time employment, isn't it just another way of calling the American people stupid for now wanting to pass Keystone and thinking no one notices anything. Now Landrieu can experience what others have gone through for six years under this Liar in Chief.
According to Chuck Todd, normal people don't care abut Grubergate. If these normal people lost their doctor and their premiums doubled and tripled then they care a lot about premiums they were forced to pay for Obamacare they didn't need. Let's not forget either that Obama, the Democrats and Gruber mislead Chuck Todd too, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal to the MSM does it. Maybe it's because of the lies the MSM told on their own to mislead the people as well as Obama did.
Ha! The people spoke loud and clear about Obamacare. Did Obama care? Not at all. Republican's don't exist to Obama and they never will. Obama believes only in the three branches of government he created. Obama, Obama, Obama. Nothing else matters or exist in his mind. You think Obama got the message from this election? Did Obama get the message the last time the Democrats took a shellacking? Not at all. In his mind like now, it wasn't his fault.
If Obama can throw his white grandmother under the bus, he can surely throw white Gruber under the bus too. Obama did again what Gruber boasted Obama did to get Obamacare passed. He lied again. Obama proved what Gruber boasted about. We're so stupid Obama has to lie to us.
I'm not aware of Dictators caring what their approval rating was. Look how Obama interpreted the results of the election. To Obama, the results were not valid because it put the Republicans in control of the House and Senate. Obama convinced himself there were other factors we weren't aware of, only him and it was those who stay home and didn't vote. Obama put his own spin as to why they stayed home and it's they he's listening to, not the ones who voted. Twisted? You bet. Obama is so hard core left and so hard wired he'll make it up as he goes along or claim he has the authority to do it. Obama was not meant for a free society. Not with his way of thinking and governing.
Even the liberal professor couldn't bring himself to say it. He beat around the bush so much yet we all drew the conclusion what he meant. Dictatorship. Obama made this discovery years ago when he was still in college. He didn't see his name anywhere in the Constitution that says he can't do this and he can't do that and Obama took it to mean he can do whatever he feels like doing. Obama interprets the laws of this land in the same way. In Obama's mind there are three branches of government. Obama, Obama, Obama.
I'm sure whatever they write about Obama Gruber will be there saying if we don't recognize all the good Obama did for this country is because we're so stupid.
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