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Remember the 99 Percent. This is the blacks 99 Percent. The anti police 99 Percent. We're seeing what the black protesters have learned from the Democrats. How to use racism without the help of white elected Democrats. Their still using the media and the media in turn is using racism for ratings. The media every time they report some shooting and shout unarmed, unarmed, their giving the shooting the impression it was done because of racism and no other reason. An unarmed man can rush a policeman and take his weapon. An unarmed man still has the use of both his hands which is why the first thing the police officer does is handcuffs the person first. Safety first.
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Choking Constitutional Liberty

maverick13 Wrote: Dec 21, 2014 8:40 AM
Let's all hope the new Congress looks into this. This is nothing more then an extension of the IRS and the EPA. I'll say this until Obama leaves office. If the Constitution doesn't Obama by name that he can't do this and he can't do that, he feels he can do whatever he wants and that means no Congress or Senate which will be controlled by the Republicans.
Some are blaming the media and the federal government for encouraging an anti-cop mentality: You have to admit the media along with Sharpton, Obama and Eric Holder have made the police public enemy number one.
I wonder when those who resist arrest and break the law are going to start carrying doctor excuses that they can't be arrested or touched by the police because of their medical condition. Anyone who has seen cops on tv hear this all the time. Stop resisting, stop resisting. No where in the law have I heard there's a section that says if the person feels like it they can comply or won't comply with the command from the police. I don't care how many people feel it's their time, it's not. It's your time if you break the law. It's your time if you rob a business. It's your time if you break into someone's home. It's your time if you walk into a business and take what you want without paying for it. It's your time if you resist arrest. It's your time to spend time or if things gets worst it's your time to meet your maker because of a decision you made. Let's take it a step further for those conservatives who said he didn't deserve this. What would you have said if there was a video in Missouri. You would have said the same thing because there was a video and a video is your way of looking the other way like Obama, the Democrats and especially the MSM is doing. We know whats going on here.
What meetings can Obama hold that doesn't say look the other way. If someone breaks the law their held accountable. It doesn't matter what neighborhood they come from or what color they are. If there's more crimes from blacks then talk to Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, or Obama. If there's more crimes from white or Hispanics, then come down on them also, but to claim first that this is a racist country and we all know that's the position Obama is going to come from, then put nothing but black cops in black neighborhoods, white cops in white neighborhoods, Hispanic cops in Hispanic neighborhood and so forth. We keep entertaining stupid thought from race pimps who won't come out and say what they really want. Class envy will never allow those who don't have what others have to take what they want. Nor will class envy allow anyone to go into anyone's home and take what they want. Nor will class envy allow anyone to attack the police because they feel the MSM will do their part in covering up the evidence and twisting the facts before the truth does come out which we saw in the Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin trial and with Officer Wilson in Missouri.
Democrats must embrace government? Ha! That's what got this country in the state it's in. Too much government. Too much control. Too much personal agenda. Too much class envy and racial politics promoted by government, namely Obama. Too much lawlessness. Too much social issues. This government under Obama has broken everything they got themselves involved with.
I see Obama is speaking for all Americans again. How in the world does Obama know what Americans want as tone deaf as he is to all Americans. New car smell? We know what we been smelling for six years and it smells bad. Hillary Clinton is a breath of fresh air. Ha! Hillary is an old woman and her career smells as bad as her politics do. Obama is still in denial of this past election. As much as he lies what makes him think his endorsement of anyone carries any weight.
News flash students. Michelle no more listens to the wishes of students anymore then Obama listen to the results of this election. Both are far left radicals and forcing their agenda down our throats is all they know. They know nothing else. Both have been totally brainwashed.
To Republicans and Conservatives 2+2 is still 4. Not so with Obama math and his constant daily lies. Obama never got it that there are people who knows numbers and changing the language and not giving the CBO all the data they needed did nothing but send up flags that something was wrong and it was. Gruber hit it on the head the way Obama sees the American people as stupid, who can blame him because of the Democrat base. Look how much lying he's done to the blacks, Hispanics, women, the poor and gays about everything and they all bought it hook, line and sinker but no one bought it more then the MSM. Obama made them look like a bunch of idiots for the six years they supported and made up their own lies about Obamacare and the Republicans as racist.
Well, Obama flipped the American people the bird again. How does it go again. Laws can be broken if you have an immigrant story to tell. That's what Obama did and confirmed it with his immigrant story. Every president has done what Obama did. Which president? Obama was full of class envy and racial politics tonight wasn't he. Every time Obama opens his mouth his one track mind can't help but say the same things over and over again. I'm tired of Obama defining who the American people are. There's not an once of American fundamentalism in Obama and he stood there telling us what it's like to be American while at the same time stepping all over the Constitution. Tonight Obama abolished the House and took over their duties because he can do it all. Heck, with Obama in the White House we don't need the Senate either. This was a good example of the president the Democrats, the left and especially the MSM told Obama he was capable of being. A true Dictator in chief.
Obama said he wait sixteen months for the Republicans? What about the first two years of his presidency? He waited two years and when the Democrats were control of both Houses he said he didn't have the authority. Now that the Republicans are in control of both Houses, Obama has the authority. Every Democrat knows what Obama is doing is wrong, which is why Obama didn't try this when the Democrats were in control of both Houses. This is nothing but a political move for Obama to make him and the Democrats look good for election purposes.
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