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"Transparency," Obama Style

maverick13 Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 9:51 AM
It should be apparent even to the dumbest Democrat that Obama is nothing like what he campaigned on. Obama spoke of the New Norm as if he was bringing something new to the table. Obama is as Old Europe as you can get. His ideology, his beliefs, his thinking, his understanding falls in line with the way Dictators in old Europe did things. There is nothing new about Obama. Every Dictator in history was nothing but a con man. They fed the people a lot of bull and pocketed all the money for themselves and their friends and that's exactly what Obama is doing. There's no one who can tell what's in Obama's mind. Not even Michelle. He's not to be trusted and no one should ever take Obama at his word. Look where the word of Obama has gotten us so far. Remember these words if you like your plan you can keep it period. Electing Obama was some historic event wasn't it.
I'm sure that was the first thing on the Governor's mind when the border patrols agents are used elsewhere to change the diapers of illegal children. The coyote's and the drug cartels sees a good thing here. A border daycare center and an opportunity to do whatever they want. Stupid talk is the New Norm and the founder of stupid talk has many followers.
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Hillary's Empathy Problem

maverick13 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 5:05 PM
Let's forget all the bogus questions that don't pertain to Hillary. Hillary doesn't have a clue about what makes the American people click anymore then Obama does. Forget what has Hillary done because the stupid doesn't care. The Democrats and the lame brain MSM has totally brainwashed the people to believe it's time for a woman president. Like it was time for a black president. Look where that got the American people, this country, jobs, the economy, the debt, the deficit, capitalism and the free market. If we had to do it all over again the same fools who voted for Obama would vote for him again regardless of his years of disasters. The same fools who thought it was time for a black president are going to vote for Hillary. Why? Because Hillary doesn't have a clue and those who would vote wouldn't have a clue why they voted for her, only that its time for a woman president.
I don't know why the GAO is surprised. It's the way Obamacare was set up. It's the way the Democrats set it up. Everyone gets Obamacare and who cares if their fakes. Illegals too. Is this going before the Supreme Court too? No one seems to know how to read the law anyone especially the judges.
Anyone who doesn't what Israel does to prevent the death of civilians is just plain dumb. Hamas on the other hand kills any Jew they can get their hands on. The only reason this fool is hurrying to CNN is because of the information the people have been getting from Israel on the prevention of killing innocent civilians. Terrorist have always wanted to portray themselves as victims to they can continue to get the money and sympathy from bleeding heart fools of terrorist.
I don't know of any hard drive that is open to where it can get scratched. It takes a lot of effort to get to a hard drive in the first place. The IRS has to think everyone is so stupid, that they will accept any lame brain explanation the IRS can come up with. For six years we have been flooded with this type of thinking from this administration. Everyone is so stupid except for us. Who can blame them for thinking this way. Obama was reelected wasn't he. That was really stupid.
What a bitter pill to swallow when the left is forced to criticize the left. I wonder if Kerry threw up after what he said.
Not even an over active imagination can say with straight face that Obamacare implementation went great and people love it. It sounds like something Michelle said too. The people will learn to love it. After having Obamacare shoved down our throats who can bring themselves to love something forced on us and then claim we will learn to love it. How many times have we heard the media say Obama will not go to the border because he doesn't like anyone to force him to do anything, yet Obama can force his will on us all he wants. When I hear the people love it, I'm reminded of the old tapes of the Dictators of old Europe. How the few spoke for the millions, but the millions didn't have a military behind them like the few in power did.
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Nanny State Targets Grocery Stores

maverick13 Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 12:38 AM
Let's not forget that for every lame brain idea Michelle comes up with the cost is passed on to us. Watch for another increase in food prices. Let's not also forget how closely this idea to control everything we do and eat comes right out of old Europe where monitoring was describe as health concerns too until people were put in prison for not complying with the Dictatorship that popped up as a result of too much government. I see Michelle went from the schools to the grocery stores now. The left never gives up. They want to eat what they want. Have all the money they can scam. Enjoy all their rights under the Constitution. Abide by the laws on they recognize but the rest of us must fall under their rule.
We all know Obama likes to recycle his speeches. Let's see if he uses the same excuse for the murder of these American's. Let's see if Susan Rice goes on the networks again and blames a video. Other then a hamburger and fries, we know what's important to Obama. Same sex marriage, illegals, global warming, war on women and fund raising. Now what does a terrorist attack have to do with any of these things. Not only do we know this. The world knows this too.
Harry Reid lives in the fantasy world Obama does. In this fantasy world they can make up the unemployment rate, claim the border is secure, claim they speak for all American's and pulls facts out of thin air like Obama does. This is the mind of Harry Reid today. Can you imagine what his mind is going o be like next week.
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