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Obama: It's Lonely Doing All The Work

maverick13 Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 12:17 AM
What a picture perfect reason Obama talks so stupid his base. Look behind Obama and you will see why Obama talks as he does. Listen how the stupid reacts to stupid talk. They love it. They eat it up.
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Quit Playing Politics with Kids

maverick13 Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 12:10 AM
This goes deeper then feeding and giving shelter to the kids. Give Obama and inch and he will come in front of the camera and stab you in the back. Give Obama any type of support he asks for and he will still talk about you, meaning the Republicans. Every coyote saw how Obama did it and Obama not only beat the coyote's at their own game, he became the first coyote president this country has every had.
The dumbbell spelled it out pretty good didn't she. You can believe, just don't let a word of it out of your mouth. Keep it where it belongs, in the four corners of your mind. She perfectly expressed how the Democrats and the left feels about religion.
Hillary Clinton's approval rating? For what? Being a woman? She hasn't done anything else to base any ratings on at all.
Bestseller list? Says who? Hillary was probably on the bestseller list as a favor along with the hype. Who in the world thought they were going to get more out of a book from Hillary then what they heard from her in interviews. Hillary hated to be asked question and provided no answers and the public was to believe she was going to add something of substance in her book. No way.
So true and well said. Let's not also forget the brainwashing associated with the word government and Democrat. Obama and the Democrats wants the American people to believe government and Democrats are one and the same. We can't have the type of government the Democrats talk about unless their in charge of government. Which is why their always claiming the Republicans hate government and Republicans don't want any form or government. Look how the Democrats have scared people into believing if their not in charge of government, then your on your own. There's no one to help you because the Republicans won't. Only the Democrats will because their government and the Republicans aren't. Stupid? Of course it is, but the stupid is buying it aren't they.
If only blacks, the poor and the elderly were required to have photo ID you can make a case but everyone must have a photo ID. Even for Obamacare.
Michelle Obama's fight is not with the GOP. It's with the children of this country who rejected Michelle politics. They have clearly said to Michelle, keep your politics out of our stomachs.
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As Obamacare Goes, So Goes Obama

maverick13 Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 12:54 AM
So true. Obamacare and Obama are one and the same. Remember when Obama used to say all the time it's not about him. He's not a socialist. He's not a dictator. It's the right thing to do and went on to attack the plans we had as junk and what he was offering was going to be priced right and affordable. Well, his Obamacare turned out to be as big of a liar as Obama is.
Obama's not under any pressure. No one told Obama to say the things he does. No one told Obama to make America a place to come to get freebies and you don't have to work. If Obama sticks his foot in his mouth it's his fault. Put up or shut up. Let's see if there's anything more important to Obama then fund raising. Let's see how much Obama cares about the illegal children flooding into this country.
We didn't need a poll to tell us what we already knew. The economy told us that. Loss of jobs told us that. The debt told us that. The deficit told us that. Obama's racial politics told us that. Obama's class warfare told us that. Obama's green jobs told us that. Obama's attack on coal companies told us that. The IRS, NSA, EPA and the VA scandals told us that. Obama's foreign policies told us that. Obamacare told us that. Obama's attack on capitalism and the free market told us that. Obama's reckless lawlessness told us that. Obama sidestepping the Constitution told us that. Obama's message to third world countries about immigration told us that. Activate judges lifting ban on same sex marriage told us that. The useless worthless Eric Holder told us that. The MSM sidestepping real issues for non issues told us that and it was all for Obama because he's a black man.
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