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I wonder if Sebelius remembers what Harry Reid said. It's all a lie.
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Hillary Clinton Dodges A Shoe

maverick13 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 4:51 PM
The woman should have thrown a bottle of beer at Hillary. She wouldn't have dodged that. Hillary would have jump for the bottle. Is anyone taking a serious look at Hillary. She's ready to be put out to pasture. Come on. Be kind to Hillary. The years have taken a heavy toll on her mind and body. Let her go and be with Bill conning everyone out of speaking fees.
Sebelius earned the right to retire? How about this. Sebelius was such a screw up she had to retire because she didn't have a clue what she was doing and if Obama wants to push it's her woman's right, I wish he earned the right to retire too. It's time to clean house of all the screw ups.
Sebelius has lost it. Her mind is gone. She never was qualified for the job and Obamacare was the nail in the coffin for her.
Obama claims to know so much and he tells us all the time how he's talk with economist and he's well informed but when has the House or Senate passed any of Obama's budgets. Let's stop beating around the bush because Obama is president. Obama is a dunce and we all know it. I will say this until Obama is out of office. No one can tell me Obama's IQ is over 100. Forget respect the office, respect the president, respect Obama is a father. Obama is a dunce and there's not one Democrat that doesn't know this. Look how much the MSM has run cover for this dunce. Obama is a perfect example what the Democrats and MSM has done to the blacks.
It keeps getting better and better. No telling how far Democrat corruption has infected all parts of government.
Hillary's time as secretary of state. Whose going to want to buy a book of blank pages. What is she going to put in there? What has she done? Getting drunk is about all. The Democrats never stop mocking our intelligence do they. Every day it's a new con with these people.
I wonder if anyone would be calling for McAllister's resignation if he was caught kissing a man. I doubt it. Not one Republican would be saying a thing out of fear from the radical gays who rule the Democrat party.
My, my, my. No wonder Elijah Cummings has been doing a little more yelling and screaming then usual. Witch hunt in the IRS? How about Cummings trying to throw the hounds off his scent.
Enough with the pity. Look what pity did for us with Al Gore. Gore took pity to a whole new level. Would you say Gore is of sound mind. Gore is still suffering from his break down and there's no reason we have to continue to pay for the rest of our lives because Gore lost the election. Will no one tell Gore his con has run dry. There's no more con money on his global warming. Will no one tell Hillary the same now. No one told Hillary to stay with Bill. She stayed with Bill because it's what she wanted and she knew what Bill was doing with all the women. This country doesn't owe Hillary anything. She was Secretary of State and that should be enough payback for someone who did nothing but fly over the world handing out our money and getting drunk. Take a real good look at Hillary. A good look. She's burned out. Her body is burned out and so is her mind. Hillary has been paid back in full for staying with Bill at the taxpayers expense. The chapter on Hillary for president is closed.
House Ways and Means Committee is going to refer Lois Lerner to who? Eric Holder? Give me a break. Holder hasn't yet given information on Fast and Furious and he's going to investigate Lois Lerner. Might as well tell Lois Lerner to forget it and have a nice day.
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