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Did it ever occur to anyone that the weird phenomenon of "missing" documents has plagued Obama for such a long time? The disappearing IRS emails is just another easily predictable symptom of his unique and contagious disease, Wonder if it's covered by ObamaCare?
Tell them that you've been converted and then give them a "condom" while telling them you forgot to use it when you were with their girl friend last night. You won't need fireworks !
Well if the Gov't gives you any money or aid, they believe they have the right to control you. therefore if your employer gives you money, they too should have the right to control you, especially your sex life.
Foreign Policy is "foreign" to Obama, and Domestic Policy was "erased" from his computer.
Predictions: Progressives will blame Bush, Hillary will ask "What difference does it make"?, Tax all plastics.
JB is Obama's Insurance policy.
Our mistake was not making "contraceptive pills" mandatory for Susan's parents.
Who is "Sue Congress"? Never heard of her. Probably related to Ben Ghazi.
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G'ddam the Liberals

MAURY JOSEPH Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 7:34 AM
JR, Chicago & Injuns may be redundant
You're wrong to imply that "there's NO math" that will make ObamaCare work. you just don't know the new math under Common Core. They can make trading 5 Terrorist for 1 Deserter appear to be equal.
The "Old Adage" that says we learn from our mistakes doesn't work for Progressives.
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