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The "Old Adage" that says we learn from our mistakes doesn't work for Progressives.
Is to Politically Correct to INSULT Bears?
Every DEM on the Committee "apologized" and never asked a single relative question except kept trying to provide "cover" for the WH
" don't remember who told me or on what day in April, but I remember what was on page 5 of the report…" I think that's called "selective memory"
Best explanation of Common Core Math = Capturing one Benghazi terrorist while releasing 5 other terrorist from Gitmo. If I save one dollar, can I now spend five dollars?
The only tougher job than trying to have peace in the Middle East, is to do something in Washington DC that would get a person fired.
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Slavery Reparations

MAURY JOSEPH Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 8:03 AM
Every "group" that makes up this "melting pot" of a nation can easily find a way to feel "victimized" and make some case for reparations. Fortunately most of these "victimized groups" feel more gratitude and have enough pride not to become part of the "Entitlement Movement". Can there be anyone that should feel appreciative & be more thankful than our President and his wife for all this country has given them?
Picky, picky, picky, everyone makes a few mistakes. How else can we learn?
Hi Rich656, please check the Legal Dictionary definitions and then research why the Jefferson (and Madison), carefully chose the correct word.
JR, Can you explain why so many folks, including you. have a problem quoting the Declaration of Independence? Those "endowed" Rights are UNALIENABLE" not inalienable. These words have different meanings and the intended distinction makes a big difference. Always keep in mind that it's important to understand that if there's a law, there's a "LAW GIVER".
TO ALL WMD DENIERS: Please remember the destruction of IRAQ's "Osirak Reactor" in 1981, Please remember the destruction of SYRIA's "al-kibar" nuclear facility in 2007. (Note the connections to No. Korea and Pakistan.) Then thank ISRAEL for ending those threats. Ask where was the USA?
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