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Flee, Save and Hide

Maureen116 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 10:48 PM
Prop 13 kept the state from raising property taxes more than 2% a year, so that senior citizen's weren't forced to sell their houses as real estate boomed. My mom has lived in her home for over 50 years thanks to Prop 13. Anyone buying a new house have to pay taxes based on the higher price of the homes. My husband and I stayed put so our taxes were much lower than our neighbors who bought at a much higher price 15 - 20 years later. And they complained about our lower taxes. Even so we've had to leave the state because other taxes have increased and lot's of businesses have left the state because of the EPA. CA also has special smog requirements for cars that are very costly.
There is a serious scramble in this country to keep hard-earned money. Sure, the media points out the nation reelected President Obama and his agenda of high taxes and slow growth, but the majority of earners are voting in a different manner. They are seeking new places to live and putting money into the bank or under the mattress. Ironically, more and more are coming to the stock market knowing gains will be hijacked, but the net might still be better than low interest rates coupled with a dilapidated currency.

Last week Phil Michelson was pilloried by the national media for daring...