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Flee, Save and Hide

Maureen116 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 10:34 PM
We moved from California to a foreign country because my husband retired and we can't afford to live in CA now. It's sad to have lived there our entire lives and had to leave our families and friends. Fortunately we have made new friends and our church family has become our "family' while away from home. We have moved to a small agriculture community that reminds me of the US during the 50's. There is not a lot of extra income, but the simpler life is also more satisfying. What is important is family. Most businesses are closed on Sunday and families spend time together visiting friends, going on picnics, and just enjoying the company of one another. Most people don't own cars so they walk everywhere, so obesity is not a problem.
jmetzler Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 11:09 PM
Maureen, What country did you move to? I think you are wise to relocate.
this country is getting very dangerous.
There is a serious scramble in this country to keep hard-earned money. Sure, the media points out the nation reelected President Obama and his agenda of high taxes and slow growth, but the majority of earners are voting in a different manner. They are seeking new places to live and putting money into the bank or under the mattress. Ironically, more and more are coming to the stock market knowing gains will be hijacked, but the net might still be better than low interest rates coupled with a dilapidated currency.

Last week Phil Michelson was pilloried by the national media for daring...