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You might be thinking of Loretta Fuddy. She is, or was, the director of the state Department of Health until killed in a plane crash off the island of Molokai last week. Although...Tom Matsuda replaced Coral Andrews as (interim) executive director of Hawaii's Affordable Care Act implementation manager as of Dec. 9. She (Coral) provided no salacious reasons for her resignation.
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Ohio Focus Group Rips Obama

mauiis Wrote: Dec 12, 2013 2:28 AM
Too bad... Your comment is too long for a bumper sticker.
Because you must convince yourself, continually, the "real reason" is racism. Conservatives simply can't handle "well spoken, articulate" (harry r) people of color. Right? That's the "truth" you're fishing for. Look to your own party 'g,' you'll find the truth, buried under mountains of progressive prevarication.
"human hunting" is legalized. Although this prey is not found on "2,000 hectares" and roaming free. It's called abortion.
Further galling are the pallid, humorless apparatchiks, animated only when lecturing said hayseeds, as to why they can't be trusted with their own health. While only a small sliver of the American pie, they are a fatally toxic sliver. To quote the latest shill for "Evil Corporate, Republican America," Capitol One Credit Card, America needs to "WAKE THE F^@K UP!"; as ironic (Samuel Jackson) as it is hypocritical, almost.
Thanks...great reply.
At least, in this instance, the 'worm turned' on the vile middle-school worms. If Klein had followed Giles advice and "beat their narrow backsides" she'd need every donated dollar to pay for a legal worm. Now Klein now has the money, and time, to do some fishing. And smile every time she skewers a worm with her hook.
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