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CA Teachers Union Indoctrinating Children

Maubi Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 1:10 PM
The teachers Union for 40yrs have been indoctrinating students why would a country of free enterprise and a Republic suddenly change to a democRATic country. Simple because all the indoctrinated have now turned of age to vote and some of hippies of the 60's are behind it, they have no interest in getting along their focus is to take over our great nation and turn it into a third world country with them in charge. All others would be their slaves and the blacks are to stupid to see that, they got their freedom from Republicans only to have it taken away from the party that they think are for them. Now how stupid is that.
Really now what more proof do you want had videotape of campaign worker telling how to commit voter fraud with absentee ballots. Had to resign his post when exposed had the Black Panthers also videotaped harassing people at the polls. Does it have to be spelt out for you VOTER FRAUD!!!
It's all part of the new Green thing in simple terms easier to manipulate by whomever controls the Union workers that service and calibrate them and guess who that is???
I am just happy we do not use those machines do not trust the fact that they are serviced by the Unions who back oblamer!!!
That is my greatest concern, I have no doubts Romney is set to win but this voter fraud thing has been going on every election and getting worse. Funny how the majority of it is done by the democRATS!!!
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