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Who's More Demeaning Than Brad Paisley?

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Apr 12, 2013 6:57 PM
If white people are silent about race, worthless dunces such as Eric Holder accuse them of cowardice. If they say anything -- anything at all -- worthless dunces such as Al Sharpton denounce them as unsalvageable racist scum. The only option left is mass suicide, and no doubt Louis Farrakhan would find fault even with that. Paisley's neither a genius nor an idiot. He's just a normal guy who's sick of the status quo, the double standards, the double talk, and the pompous fools who lord it over public discourse.
Country music star Brad Paisley is either an idiot or a genius. If he wrote the song "Accidental Racist" to stir a whirlwind of (mostly bad) publicity, he's a genius. But the negative cultural consensus strongly suggests he should have never been dumb enough to try to write a racial-harmony song.

Paisley performed the song as a dialogue with rapper LL Cool J, now a star on the CBS drama "NCIS: LA." He says he wrote the song when he felt he had to defend wearing a T-shirt celebrating the country band Alabama, a shirt with the Confederate flag on it....