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The Moral Giant and the Leftist Creep

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 1:03 PM
"Leftist creep" seems redundant. But on further consideration, I can see the need to distinguish leftist creeps from leftist idiots. An example of the latter is George McGovern, who built his two failed presidential campaigns and much of his disastrous legislative career on letting Southeast Asia go communist. Once we had pulled out, and the resulting genocide had become obvious even to him, he actually suggested going back. He's an idiot, but at least a belatedly compassionate idiot. Hobsbawm, who had no qualms about genocide, is a good example of the former. "Creep" doesn't really do him justice, however. Try "monster."

I REGRET that it was only upon reading his obituary this month that I first learned of Nguyen Chi Thien. He was a courageous Vietnamese dissident who had spent nearly 30 years in prison for his opposition to communist repression, cruelty, and lies. Much of Nguyen's opposition was expressed in poetry, most famously "Flowers from Hell," a collection of poems he memorized behind bars, and only put down on paper after being released from prison in 1977.

The poems were published after he audaciously handed off the manuscript to British diplomats at their embassy in Hanoi, the AP obituary recalled....