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Maureen Dowd Blows Her Cool

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 9:37 AM
At 0816, Joe296 wrote "The liberals like Dowd are upset because Gore was unable to steal the election even after trotting out all the heavyweight liberal legal experts. They tried to have a recount ONLY in the precincts that were heavily Democrat. That is the liberal concept of fairness." Indeed. That same year they stole an election from incumbent Sen. John Ashcroft in Missouri. His dead opponent (Mel Carnahan) won mainly with help from the dead. Being a good Christian gentleman and a complete fool, Ashcroft didn't protest when the governor declared his seat vacant and appointed Carnahan's widow to fill it. In a notable display of classy behavior, she hectored Ashcroft during his AG confirmation hearing and voted against him.

Maureen Dowd is a woman of many talents. She is, of course, a New York Times featured columnist, a Pulitzer Prize winning commentator, and the liberals acknowledged Queen of Snark. Ms. Dowd has also completely blown a gasket, if her column of last week (April 5th) is any indication of her psychological-emotional state.

In her column of last week entitled, Men In Black, Maureen employs language and phraseology that her fellow liberals would quickly label “hate speech” if it were uttered by their foes. Ms. Dowd assails the Supreme Court in the most personal and vitriolic terms for their...