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I Hope This Is The Last Column I Ever Have To Write About Bronco Bamma

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 11:06 AM
Allison is an arrogant, insulting, contemptible, officious dolt who repeatedly fantasizes in writing about violence to the people she hates (nearly everyone) or threatens her antagonists on this forum with violence. She has been banned repeatedly, but she keeps coming back. She deserves anything she gets here except civility.
This past week a YouTube video of a crying four-year-old little girl named Abigail went viral. In the video Abby’s mom asks her why she’s so sad. Abigail replies through a steady stream of tears and mucus that she’s “tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.” Well, little sister, I feel your pain. Now, mind you, I’m not tired of Romney and Ryan, but good Lord … and believe me when I tell you … I’m pig sick of Bronco Bamma.

Yep, I’m beyond ready for this ignoble thing called the Obama presidency to be officially finito. These...

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