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Amen, sir. To apply its newly discovered abhorrence of lying consistently, NBC would have to shut down its entire news division. It would also have to close MSDNC, which as near as I can tell has never told the truth about anything, not even the weather, not even by accident. A bare list of NBC's lies, omissions, and distortions, from George Zimmerman's redacted 911 call to the invisible rockets fired from Gaza toward Israel, would fill a very large book. CNN, CBS, NPR, and the other senescent media megafauna would need separate volumes. Williams has received a down payment on what he deserves—dismissal, permanent exclusion from the field of journalism, and universal scorn—but he's not the only lying "journalist" in need of a career change. On the bright side, Williams is still eligible for his dream job as host of the Tonight show. Don't get me started on politicians.
How thoughtful of the lunatics to concentrate themselves for easy killing. If only this country and its putative allies had the will to kill them. Obama has unwittingly wandered near a good idea: empty Gitmo. (Don't close it. We may need it again, and annoying the Castro brothers is an end in itself.) But don't free the inmates. Take them and any other Muslim terrorists we can find to a defensible spot in the desert near ISIS-controlled territory. Fortify it heavily. Dare ISIS to come liberate the scumbags. Kill everyone stupid enough to fly, drive, or walk within 100 miles of the place. If traffic slows, start killing the inmates with the most haram methods imaginable, say, one a week, and circulate the videos to encourage reluctant martyrs. If that doesn't produce a steady stream of targets, start burning Korans. Meanwhile, destroy the organization's oil fields and strongholds.
Um, are you replying to my post or someone else's? I'm sure that Dr. Carson has some excellent advice about my personal health, though I'm in no immediate need of a pediatric neurosurgeon. Wearing seat belts, for example, is a very good idea. I wear them myself, and I recommend that everyone else wear them. But not all good ideas make good laws, and not all good laws need to be national laws. Bad individual choices don't necessarily constitute a public-health issue even if a lot of individuals make the same bad choice over and over. Whether I wear a seat belt has no effect on anyone else's health or safety, so it's none of the government's business.
So was the swine flu vaccine—until it made multitudes sick, and someone linked it to Guillain-Barré Syndrome.
A few questions to mull over: 1. Whom can an unvaccinated person infect besides another unvaccinated person? 2. If an unvaccinated person can infect one who has been vaccinated, how effective is the vaccine? 3. If a vaccine isn't efficacious, why should it be mandatory? 4. How many advocates of forcibly immunizing American children would do likewise with illegal immigrants apprehended in the desert? 5. If an ebola vaccine existed, how many proponents of involuntary vaccination would require immigrants and travelers from West Africa to take it? 6. If a vaccine against HIV existed, how many would support mass administraion to intravenous drug users, male homosexuals, and other high-risk groups?
"Well, I guess Williams has learned an important lesson . . ." Yeah, that a company with no standards can't be trusted. Although Williams is a chronic liar whom most of us wouldn't trust to carry bake-sale proceeds three blocks to the bank, he's in the mainstream at NBC. To be consistent, the company would have to fire most of its news division—you know, the outfit that shamelessly altered the recording of George Zimmerman's 911 call. It would also be obliged to shut down MSDNC, which does nothing but lie. Williams is a pathetic excuse for a journalist who should never again be allowed near a camera. His suspension is a step toward justice. But it's not fair.
Middle-class families? Let them eat arugula.
"There is no question that immunizations have been effective in eliminating diseases such as smallpox, which was devastating and lethal. When you have diseases that have been demonstrably curtailed or eradicated by immunization, why would you even think about not doing it?" For the same reason that most people don't arm themselves against saber-tooth tigers. Once we've eliminated a disease on our soil, all we have to do is keep it out. If we succeed in that, there's no reason for anyone to be immunized unless he travels to a place where the disease hasn't been eliminated. Of course, keeping a disease out isn't easy. It involves controlling the borders, a task that no one in the Republicrat establishment has stomach for. The DNC, the RNC, and the Chamber of Commerce consider forcing 300 million disease-free citizens to immunize preferable to building a damned fence. "I am very much in favor of parental rights for certain types of things. I am in favor of you and I having the freedom to drive a car. But do we have a right to drive without wearing our seatbelts? Do we have a right to text while we are driving? Studies have demonstrated that those are dangerous things to do, so it becomes a public safety issue." How, exactly, is my choice to wear a seatbelt a PUBLIC health issue? If I fail to belt in, will someone else fly through the windshield when I crash? Dr. Carson is an interesting man with an inspiring story, and he has said and done many good things. But he has just proven that he is also a run-of-the-mill nanny-state meddler who has no business in the White House. After reading this column, I'd have to think twice about supporting his nomination for surgeon general.
Michelle "Cremora" Obama is a hypocrite? Egad! Stop the presses!
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Measles, Vaccines and Autism

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Feb 10, 2015 8:20 AM
The Obamacare bill gives him all sorts of dictatorial power in a public-health emergency, which he can declare any old time; but his main long-term goal is evidently atoning for America's sins by leveling. It's not so much that he wants the huddled masses of other countries to enjoy our standard of living. He wants us—excluding him, his peers, and his core supporters, of course—to get a punitive taste of theirs.
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