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It's not even as if the Democrat holdouts put ideology above mere political expediency. They know that the Republican majority in the next session will approve KX. They're just playing to their loony-left base.
You took the words out of my keyboard. Americans elected Obama twice, so it's hard to mount a convincing argument that they're brilliant. We may not have to wait for the forces of nature to thin the population. The forces of government are eager to step in, as usual. Recall, if you will, China, North Korea, the Soviet Union, and Cambodia. Bureaucrats and death panels won't always distinguish dissenters and the traditional Democrat base. Indeed, the party is apparently trying to build a new base. Ethnic cleansing has given most major cities to blacks, and they've become the preeminent minority for now; but their prospects aren't rosy. While they limit their own numbers, with official help, through crime and abortion, the government is frantically promoting Hispanics to the top spot. The elderly are in no better shape. The short-term plan is to tax the young and healthy to keep them alive and voting for politicians who promise that their checks are in the mail. (This requires striking an unstable balance between workers, needed to maintain the system, and government dependents, needed to maintain Democrat power.) The long-term plan is to ration the elderly—or at least aging Boomers—out of existence before their healthcare costs and Social Security payouts bankrupt the government and produce total collapse. Although it's highly unlikely that any administration has ever formally adopted or even considered these strategies, events suggest that parts of the federal government are following them unwittingly. And you can bet that technocrats within and without government have thought about demographic reconstruction, discussed it, and made policy recommendations conducive to it. It wouldn't be astonishing if Prof. Gruber were among them. Maybe the fool has obligingly blabbered about it on video.
You could've shortened your title to the first three words. It's hard to imagine that any president would be foolish enough to overstay the end of his final term, but Obama's erratic and domineering behavior leave room for uncertainty.
Perhaps 20 million illegal immigrants are in this country. Letting them stay will encourage more illegal immigration and eventually destroy the country. Democrats are counting on the former outcome—the federal government is soliciting bids to print 34 million new green cards—and they obviously don't give a damn about the latter provided that they remain in power over the wreckage. But we're too fastidious to drive illegals out by force; and if we did, we'd create a huge, expensive refugee crisis that we, the world's leading humanitarians, would eventually pay to clean up with money borrowed from China. So illegal immigrants and their descendants are going to be with us awhile, vacuuming up entry-level jobs, bankrupting hospitals, and casting illegitimate ballots. There is a long, steep path out of this insanity, however. It begins with not inviting more illegal immigrants. Every amnesty, waiver, taxpayer-funded benefit, and official refusal to enforce what laws we have sends a message around the world that more illegals are welcome. The second step is preventing further uninvited illegal immigration. Fortify the borders, plural, and put well-armed, well-equipped, attentive, serious-minded personnel there and at other points of entry. If these two timid measures had been in place in 2008, the recession alone would've reduced the illegal-immigrant burden substantially. Illegals were actually leaving until the economy perked up and the Obama regime intensified its efforts to keep them here. The next step is to use the power of examples. Round up a few prominent illegals, e.g., Jose Antonio Vargas, and deport them. Shut down businesses that hire illegals. Prosecute bureaucrats who wink at electoral and welfare fraud. When a city declares itself a sanctuary, declare that city in rebellion and suspend its government. These simple, prudent acts will require only that we replace the president, most of Congress, nearly all the federal judiciary, and a great many state and local officials. In other words, we're screwed.
I wouldn't believe Clapper if he said it was Monday.
If executive amnesty goes through unimpeded, a lame-duck president will endure momentary odium, and an undeclared Democrat presidential candidate with high negatives may lose a bit more popularity by association, but the Democrat Party will take a giant step toward a permanent electoral majority regardless of how the 2016 elections turn out. Any serious attempt to stop this insanity will not only fail, but also energize the Democrat base and increase the lame duck's popularity. Call me a bunker con if you will, but I don't see an upside in this mess.
Excellent suggestion. Fortunately, some liberals identify themselves by wearing Che Guevara tee shirts, for example, or driving Priuses adorned with Obama stickers.
WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that buying, possessing, or consuming this product will throw leftist busybodies into a tizzy. If their antics make you laugh while you're trying to swallow this product, you may aspirate a mouthful or expel it through your nose. In retaliation, you may pummel the closest leftist busybody and get arrested. We completely understand this reaction, but cannot encourage violence. Please drink responsibly. Consume this product only among civilized people, and avoid leftist busybodies as much as possible.
The Democrat road back to a majority is named Amnesty Highway.
I can barely remember the last time Town Hall had a spammer who wrote sentences that scan in English.
The association between Wheaton and the Army is purely voluntary. The Army has lately become rotten to the core with political correctness, but it has the right to assign whomever it pleases wherever it pleases. It is noticeably more obliging in its dealings with Islamic countries, but that's another topic. Wheaton has the right to ask for whomever it pleases. It also entitled—no, obliged—to end ROTC or any other program that conflicts with its core beliefs. If Wheaton and the Army can't come to terms, one should cut ties to the other without further fuss.
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