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We're bound by laws, treaties, and customs not to use the most obvious and efficient means of deterring terrorists, such as feeding the Gitmo captives alive to dogs or other animals that Islam deems "unclean" and posting the videos all over the Internet as a promise of what awaits any ISIS, Khorasan, Al Qaeda, or other jihadist we come upon. But there's a useful distinction between terrorism—the showy commission of personal atrocities to instill fear—and the evocation of terror, humiliation, and despair by the swift, impersonal, implacable use of overwhelming force. The Rape of Nanking was terrorism. The incineration of Hiroshima was not.
"London-based cleric Anjem Choudary told Russia Today that 'terrorizing the enemy is in fact part of Islam.'" There you have it, from the horse's. . .er. . .mouth.
Islam is a religion of peace. If you say otherwise, some representative will kill you.
Gabby Giffords took a 9-mm bullet to the head. The last time I saw her on television, she was barely in control of her own speech and movement. I have to wonder, then, how much control she has over ARS (which needs an E at the end to make its character clear) or over the ads it's producing. Curious jounalists might inquire whether she's a figurehead. I won't hold my breath. In any event, Martha McSally and the others targeted by these ads could easily fling them back: record stories of people stabbed or beaten and add, "My opponent supports making it harder for victims of deranged stalkers to defend themselves."
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Wanted: Grownups

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 6:47 AM
The cycle you describe has been going on for a long time, and it's not unique to the United States. Look at what happened to Churchill after he had helped save the U.K. from Hitler. Free electorates are like a child of divorced parents. They run away to live with the mother who allows dope and porn, but leaves the fridge empty when she disappears with the boyfriend of the week. They sheepishly return to the father who checks homework and imposes a curfew, but holds a steady job and keeps the utilities turned on. Then they repeat the cycle. One of the costs of freedom is an electorate free to to be fickle, irresponsible, and short-sighted—that is, to display human nature.
No, it's not a coincidence. It's possible, though, that he doesn't want the next 9/11 to happen on his watch. It's also possible that he just wants to get clear of the listing Obama regime before it sinks. None of these possibilities necessarily excludes the others.
Your first sentence is exactly right. A preemptive pardon would be an admission of criminality. Your second sentence is very speculative. DOJ would have to prosecute Holder. That won't happen under Obama, and it's unlikely under Obama's successor, Democrat or Republican. Like Bill Clinton and most other Democrat criminals—but I repeat myself—Holder will never be held accountable.
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Old and In the Way?

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 6:50 PM
Dr. Emanuel is obviously in steep decline already, so he shouldn't wait another 18 years to do his duty.
I expected this to be about how the Coast Guard foiled Operation Pastorius in 1942. Thanks for a pleasant surprise.
"Outraged moms and dads and students lashed out on social networking and called the school district’s patriotism into question." It's absurd to question the school officials' patriotism. They're obviously ungrateful, ungracious simpletons who don't give a rat's hairy nether region about the country or about people who endure hardship and risk death to defend it. And yet in the event of a natural disaster, those same volunteers will render assistance to this snotty little Albany suburb.
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