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I never suggested that Boehner link arms with Merkel; but I am disappointed, though not astonished, that they didn't go and march in the rank and file. You're right in that it is the president's job to show the flag at big events. He didn't do his job. It's the job of the opposition leadership not to act like a collection of potted plants. It hasn't done its job in years. You're right, too, in that this is about perception. The cops who killed the Paris terrorists did more to protect Western civilization than all 3.7 million marchers combined. So did Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi when he strode into the leading Sunni Islamic university in the world and told clerics to get their heads out of their butts and their hearts out of the 7th century. The march was symbolic. But the absence of high-profile Americans creates the perception that nobody running this country cares much about jihad. That perception, unfortunately, is correct.
1. This was not a prearranged G8 gathering or an arms-limitation conference for bigwigs only. It was not a formal international-relations event. It was an almost-spontaneous rally by humanity against barbarism. 2. Are you seriously suggesting that all the 3.7 million people who showed up were invited dignitaries or that only the elite should've attended? 3. I don't hate Republicans. I used to be one, and I still vote for Republican candidates. But I've faced the fact that the Republican establishment, to adapt a passage from George Will, loves commerce and the status quo more than it hates communism, Islamonazism, reconquista, or any of the other forces arrayed against us. It also distrusts its own base more than it distrusts its sworn enemies.
There's no defending or excusing the regime's snub, but I have to point out that Boehner, McConnell, Priebus, et a large number of al in the nominal opposition party were also no-shows. As if we needed more evidence that there's not much difference between D and R.
Maybe Obama would've gone if someone had convinced him that this gathering might make for better selfies than Mandela's funeral.
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An Egyptian Crackdown in South Dakota

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Jan 11, 2015 10:34 AM
Yeah, I'm not sure that my fragile self-esteem could take it.
In modern America you have to be a lawyer to avoid being screwed by lawyers and a doctor to avoid being screwed by doctors. Being a politician, however, confers no immunity from screwing by other politicians.
A good observation. Palin scared hell out of the left. It's still trying to destroy her and determined to nip any future Palins in the bud.
. . .of the most BLATANT sort. . .
Yes, this is political revenge of the most blatat sort. The case should be thrown out. The AG should be reprimanded, if not disbarred, and recalled in any event for wasting public time and money prosecuting it. But there's a bigger, deeper problem: we're all criminals. Harvey Silverglate, who estimates that the average American commits three felonies a day, is an optimist. There are so many laws and regulations—most of them unpublicized, unintelligible, or mutually contradictory—that no one can possibly obey them all. As in the Bosworth case, acting on advice from legal counsel is no defense and no use. Not even lawyers can understand all the requirements, a team of a thousand legal scholars couldn't digest them all in a normal lifespan, and the criminals who impose them no longer bother to read or discuss the new ones they add to the pile. The rest of us stand no chance of finding out about the tens of millions of things we're required or forbidden to do until someone files charges or kicks in the door at 0300. (Remember the reporter who suffered an official home invasion a few years ago because she was alleged to possess a potato gun?) The only protections left are being rich or famous (but that didn't help Martha Stewart), knowing someone (but that didn't help Scooter Libbey), belonging to an exempt group, and flying below radar. We've passed the point where the whole mess is illegitimate, and no one responsible for it has any claim on our obedience except under the threat of force.
Interesting. Town Hall wouldn't let me post the foregoing untl I amended the word "M u z z i e."
Well, yeah, he does have a strategy: let all our enemies, not just Muslim terrorists, teach this racist colonial country all the overdue lessons they please provided that they refrain from embarrassing him or attacking him, his circle or his base. He retaliated, briefly, against North Korea—that is, China—only because the Sony hack enraged his Hollywood supporters and made him look like a clown shoe. (In so doing, he probably revealed a great deal of exploitable information about our cyberwarfare methods and capabilities.) If the victim had been Ford Motors, he would've issued a perfunctory denunciation and gone golfing. If it had been Fox News, he would've celebrated. Foreign policy, domestic policy, and everything else are about him, first, last, and all points between. If an event doesn't affect him, he doesn't care.
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