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Reason 1 is rubbish. Obama rules by decree. He's going to force amnesty and worse down our throats after the election. No matter which party is in charge, Congress doesn't have the competence or backbone to face him down in a meaningful confrontation and doesn't have "standing" to challenge him in court. Reason 2 is mostly rubbish. If a Republican Congress passed those 350 stalled bills, Obama would successfully veto every one. Reasons 3 and 4 are right on. Reason 5 is, too, but it's irrelevant. Rebukes will make Obama more unstable and vindictive, but won't stop him. Reason 6 is dead accurate. You could've boiled all this down to one point—Republican Senate incumbents and challengers stink less than their Democrat opponents—but that wouldn't have made much of a column.
The Nation of Islam believes that white people are a race of demons created by an evil vizier on the island of Patmos. They consider W.D. Fard Muhammad the Mahdi and Elijah Muhammad a messenger of Allah. For these and other reasons, such as Calypso Louie Farrakhan's late obsession with Scientology, orthodox Muslims deem NOI heretical. It's also a murderous cult linked to the murder of Malcolm X and the Zebra killings, for example. Any teacher who is connected with NOI in any way, or who takes NOI materials to school, for distribution or not, should be fired immediately.
They're not trying to criminalize or stamp out all licentiousness, just the kinds they find objectionable. Their efforts are focused almost exclusively on heterosexual men.
The campus sexual assault epidemic is especially odd because women have been a majority on most campuses since the late 1970s. Men make up about 51% of the 18–24 age group, but they're down to 44% of students at state colleges and universities and only 40% at private institutions. There are only a few plausible reasons for an increase in heterosexual assaults that coincides with a decrease in the percentage of male students. (As near as I can tell, no one in officialdom cares about same-sex assaults.) 1. More real assaults are occurring 2. More real assaults are being reported 3. Changes in official definitions of assault have encouraged overreporting 4. Administrators have encouraged overreporting 5. Administrators are simply falsifying figures Evidence for #1 is shaky at best. Further, if it were correct, it would suggest that many assaults are committed either by a small number of predators or by outsiders—and that school administrations have failed to deal with them. Number 2 may be correct, but real assaults are probably still underreported. Numbers 3 and 5 are almost certain. Number 4, the subject of this column, has been documented.
Yeah, that was pretty good.
When I get The Look, or worse, I walk right back out again. There's no telling what someone might put in a dish out of malice.
The owner should change the name of his establishment immediately—to W3tback Willie's. (Note that I had to use leet to get around Town Hall's automated PC guardian, which is laughably unable to block Chinese spammers.)
Yep, pretty doggone stupid. Even if these places were as safe as your own house, they'd still be, as Manny41 reminds us below, Marxist reeducation camps. It's getting harder to understand why people take on massive expense (and sometimes massive debt) to have their kids corrupted and condemned to perpetual under-/un-employment.
Truly. She must have done something right to make so many enemies.
Sarah Palin is far worse than a run-of-the-mill woman who left the Democrat reservation. She's pretty, outspoken, unapologetic, and popular. Worst of all, she came terrifyingly close to the vice presidency. The left has destroyed her political career, but that's not enough. It's determined to destroy Palin herself and everyone in her immediate family. It won't rest even then. It will vandalize their graves, sully their memory, and use their names in scary Halloween stories a hundred years hence. This is what defines the left: blind, visceral, unending hatred.
Nothing will change without a popular revolt. Taxpayers must demand that state governments hold state institutions accountable, of course, and lawsuits are in order; but there's no satisfactory legislative, executive, or even judicial approach to this mess. The only way to wrest control of the academy from the lunatics in charge is to cut off the money. When when parents withhold their children and their checks, when alumni take their donations elsewhere, many institutions will suffer. Some will fail, as Antioch did not long after it experimented with continuous affirmative consent in the early '90s. Eventually, the survivors will pay attention.
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