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Gowdy AND Jindal. . .
The hatred between the Clintons and the Obamas is well documented. Each camp probably has enough dirt to destroy the other, so they probably did have a deal, which has either expired or soured. I suspect that in 2008 Obama offered Hillary the State Department and the title of heir apparent. After she bailed on account of Benghazi, Obama started subtly pushing Elizabeth Warren and undercutting Hillary's almost-campaign. He'll probably withhold endorsement till one candidate has an insuperable lead, and he's vindictive enough to sabotage Hillary's efforts outright. Hillary has always had very high negatives, and her recent antics have raised them. She has few prospects of greater popularity, but many opportunities to become more tiresome and appalling. If Warren runs on her left and Webb on her right, she'll be stuck on the yellow line in the center, and she may finish third.
Gowdy or Jindal are not just solid conservatives. They'd also shred any Democrat in a real debate. Walker has possibilities. Issa is doing pretty good work in the House, so he should stay there and carry on. He has enough novelty to attract certain LIVs (Lebanese Orthodox father, Mormon mother, veteran, CEO), but the Democrat attack machine would destroy him over his GED and his youthful arrest record.
Obama wants to run Elizabeth Warren. A lot of Democrats don't want her or Webb or Hillary. But most will hold their noses and vote for whatever ridiculous nominee the party nominates. Republicans have higher standards and therefore less discipline. If the GOP nominates Mitt or Jeb or some other talking suit, they'll either stay home or vote for a third-party candidate, ensuring the victory of an absurd Democrat that not even Democrats are enthusiastic about.
Nominally nonprofit hospitality exchanges have been around since right after World War II. AirBnB is a high-profile latecomer. Governments may eventually drive AirBnB and its like out of business, but they'll have a hell of a time clamping down on peer-to-peer marketplaces. Some of them already have hundreds of thousands of participants around the world, and most that aren't offshore could easily go underground. Neither Raleigh nor Washington stands much of a chance against multitudes freely associating on a global scale.
Blue-state leftists are destroying the blue states. If they're not already destroying red states to which they emigrate, they would if they could. They're pernicious where they were. They're pernicious where they are. They'll be pernicious wherever they go next to escape the effects of their own incorrigible folly, and they're a plague wherever you go to escape them.
Oh, that's good. Five stars.
Even worse, we won't be able to escape to Mars by airplane. The horror! The horror!
Hey, Red, You got me beat. I didn't attend even a barbaric college. But I know that light air is the result of turning on the lights. Duh.
I guess this means that there's already no airline service to the tropics.
Oh, they do indeed want our money and our votes, but they already have a plan for dealing with an unreliable electorate and a fractured base. They're building a new base, one relying heavily on new immigrants and on making Hispanics the new majority minority. They're building a new electorate in which immigrants, government employees, and government dependents will give them a permanent electoral edge. Once they've done that, they'll have as much of everyone's money as they care to take.
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