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Yes, the Democrat Party has "completed the transformation from political party to caricature." But it's a caricature that influences enough caricatures of voters to win elections. It's a caricature that wields power over all of us. It has the presidency, the Senate, most federal judges, 21 governors, most big-city mayors, most government employees (including professors and teachers), most government dependents, unions, Hollywood, the other media, illegal aliens, and unimaginable amounts of foreign money. We can laugh at the party or shake our heads in dismay and the idiots who still support it. But we should never forget that it's on the verge of permanent rule—amnesty should put it over the top—and that its officials don't need a perpetual majority to wreck the country or ruin any one of us.
I see a big problem. Ever hear of hostile takeovers? Bleeding Kansas? It's not only possible, but also likely, that students bent on silencing this organization or that would join en masse and take control. And there's another problem with "theoretically." Whereas it's entirely conceivable that Muslims would coopt a Christian or Jewish organization, any infidel who tried to join a Muslim organization would be excluded or harmed with the administration's approval.
Why is he still in the White House? He's utterly shameless, so he won't leave. Democrats would rather destroy the country than depose their Messiah. Business-as-usual Republicans wouldn't dare lift a finger against him. Even Republicans who long for regime change are all too aware of these facts, so they realize that he can't be removed. So we're stuck with him. The most we can hope for is that he's willing to leave when his term expires and that voters are so thoroughly sick of him that they'll take the Senate and the White House away from Democrats. I wouldn't bet a large amount on either outcome.
"Kathleen Sebelius 'retired' as Health and Human Services Secretary after overseeing a botched Obamacare rollout." You mean she left after overseeing a disastrous rollout. She was so far from retirement and so undeterred by this train wreck that she considered running for Senate. "Steven Miller left his position as IRS chief after revelations that the agency had unfairly targeted conservative groups." Miller waltzed into a cushy job with Alliantgroup as "national director of tax." Coordinated harassment and suppression of Obama's political opponents, leaking confidential information about them, destroying records, and committing perjury aren't just unfair. They're illegal. "Eric Shinseki tendered his resignation as Veteran Affairs Secretary amid headlines that vets were being denied care across the country thanks to his agency's disorganization." The VA isn't disorganized. Its corruption is thoroughoing and highly regimented. It efficiently, systematically withheld services from veterans, killing perhaps 1,000 of them in the process, lied about its malfeasance to avoid work and keep bonuses flowing, and retaliated against whistleblowers. As a reward for conspiring to commit negligent homicide and obstruct justice, it got more tax money. We can only wish that it were less organized. "Now, the Department of Homeland Security is the latest agency dealing with a scandal and another employee leaving in disgrace." The Elibiary incident is scandalous and disgraceful. It won't become a scandal until people find out about it, however. The Democrat press simply won't report on it, so nothing much will happen. And in a sense, people unable to feel shame can't be disgraced. Elibiary and the idiots who hired and tolerated him are probably proud of themselves and sorry only that they got caught. Most will probably sashay into high-paying jobs as lobbyists.
ISIS was nearly defunct four years ago. Obama helped revive ISIS by withholding timely aid from less-insane Syrian rebels, allowing it to become dominant. He sent ISIS arms through Turkey and Libya and probably sacrificed four Americans in Benghazi to keep the operation quiet during his reelection campaign. He probably funded ISIS, too. He has little real interest in opposing, thus exposing, his previous folly. He has an incoherent script that avoids "ISIS" (because the second "S" refers to Syria) and "war" (because he's a Messianic peacemaker), but no goal and no strategy beyond randomly firing expensive ordnance. He's antagonized everyone in the region who didn't already hate us except the Kurds, who'd make effective proxies if he'd arm them as well as he armed ISIS. But he's more interested in deploying soldiers to fight Ebola. (Do viruses halt when ordered to do so?) On the other hand, if we continue "rushing" at this rate, ISIS will be dirty-bombing American cities before Obama's handlers can drag him off the golf course.
Plus the unknown number in Syria and Iraq that ISIS killed with arms your Messiah provided.
On the contrary, she may be the only major public figure could turn out worse than either her husband or Obama. They're all vile, despicable traitors with major problems, but she seems the most disturbed.
Running arms to Al Qaeda, sacrificing Americans to cover up the operation for political gain, lying repeatedly about events, and intimidating and silencing survivors are not straws. They're impeachment-level crimes. But keep on laughing, fool. It's the only thing you're good at.
Nah, keeping parents in the loop would afford the breeders a degree of respect they don't deserve and open the door for their involvement. Besides, they're clearly making up this nonsense as they go. Just as the United States has a "living" Constitution, this school and a lot of others have "living" policies.
"They said the shirt could cause a classroom disruption and contained sexual content." But condom distribution and everything-goes sex ed don't. Right. Got it. You know, there's nothing wrong with public education that couldn't be put mostly right by firing just about everyone involved with it and starting over. People randomly selected from the phone book couldn't be more foolish than the professionals we're paying, and most people with degrees in real subjects probably know a lot more about subject content.
I'll chip in for the rope, but we'll need a lot.
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