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1. Ebola has an incubation period lasting from 2 to 42 days. He can't make out with a nurse and declare himself disease-free an hour later. 2. People can't transmit Ebola until they're symptomatic. He should've felt perfectly safe unless they were obviously ill. 3. Yes, Ebola is transmitted by bodily fluids. These include droplets expelled by coughing and sneezing. 4. Obama is an utter moron.
Abolition, the 20th-century civil rights movement, and various antiwar efforts also had roots in, or support from, religious institutions. I suppose that these tyrants would've stamped them out, too, either by direct suppression or by onerous harassment, if they'd been on the comfortable side of the status quo. Stay tuned. The latest struggles for freedom of religion are just getting started.
I can assure you that my outrage is real, that the length to which a candidate will go to win an election is a real issue by itself, and that behavior in a campaign provides insight into how a candidate will deal with other real issues in office.
Andrea Mitchell and the other fools at MSDNC are leftists. Leftists view their opponents as non-persons. Gloria Steinem and Naomi Wolf, loud opponents of objectifying women, had no problem with calling Jeane Kirkpatrick, their intellectual superior, a "female impersonator" and a "woman without a uterus," respectively. Kirkpatrick wasn't a real woman, for in their enlightened view she wasn't a real human being. Condoleezza Rice isn't really black, for she's not really human. Greg Abbott isn't really human, either. It follows necessarily that he can't be really handicapped. It's a short march from dehumanization to Auschwitz, the Gulag, and the Killing Fields. Leftists have covered that ground many times. Given a chance, they will again.
Our men and women in uniform are also government employees. I'm sure that Democrats would like nothing more than to disenfranchise them.
The quoted passage and the supporting material mean that one leftist professor's study shows what most of us have already figured out: public officials uninterested in investigating electoral fraud haven't found much of it to investigate.
Yes, the CDC squanders money on things unrelated to disease control. Every government agency is wasteful and inefficient. They all get bored doing what they're supposed to do and wander outside their prescribed bounds in search of adventure and fulfillment. That's why the CDC has 13 injury centers even though injury isn't disease. The underlying problem here is not that the CDC has been derelict or distracted. It has completely forgotten what it's supposed to do in a real public-health crisis. When one occurs, its first reaction is to make sure the ignorant rabble that finances it doesn't go crazy and riot. Its second reaction is to manage information—that is, lie, omit, obfuscate, and spin—to protect itself or increase its budget. Its third is to make sure that all the important rights are observed. Near the top of the list is the right of everyone in the world to come here in all circumstances without restriction. But as we learned during the AIDS flap of the '80s and '90s, disease organisms themselves have rights that customary and prudent preventive measures may abridge. Only the American public has no rights to speak of. The CDC's institutional amnesia is one sign of a more general problem, contempt of the ruling class for its subjects. Pelosi's regal decree that Congress had to pass Obamacare so everyone could find out what's in it is a clear manifestation of this attitude. So was Bush 43's insulting 9/11 lecture—Islam is peace, so all you rubes had better behave yourselves and go shopping. It's bipartisan, multiregional, and multigenerational. The only cure for this malady is to drive everyone in government out. Replacing the CDC with 100 physicians, statisticians, and researchers chosen at random would be a good start.
"In-person voter fraud, the only kind that the new ID requirements might help prevent, is a risky crime with little payoff." There are payoffs all around, sir. ACORN and its fellow travelers have gone to a great deal of trouble over many years to pad voter rolls with obviously fictional or duplicate registrants. They probably pay some people to sign up, and they certainly pay field workers to solicit registrants, many of them ineligible. The only conceivable purpose of this expensive, labor-intensive activity is to enable fraudulent voting. The payoff for systematic electoral fraud is a growing number of leftists in office. Millions of Americans, white and black, rich and poor, identify themselves many times a day—at work, at the bank, at the grocery store, in secure areas, at traffic stops. It is not unconstitutionally burdensome, improperly discriminatory, or even mildly annoying to require that they do likewise once every two years to vote. "Perry apparently forgot that he is supposed to pretend the new abortion regulations—which also include a prohibitively expensive mandate that abortion clinics meet the same requirements as ambulatory surgery centers—are all about protecting women's health. . . ." Abortion clinics ARE ambulatory surgery centers, and it's neither an outrage nor an imposition to insist that their personnel have admitting privileges somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. Abortion clinics have been exempt from such requirements this long only because craven politicians have allowed them to operate as if they were tattoo parlors.
Once again, I call on the governor and General Assembly of North Carolina to clean out this corrupt institution or—apologies to Dr. Adams—shut it down. You people are ultimately in charge of the place. You and your predecessors let it get this bad. Wake up, wise up, and do your jobs.
No, really, this is okay because she's a Democrat woman who supports abortion of all kinds in all circumstances. Of course, if a Republican had done anything of the sort (remember James Watt?), he'd be hounded out of public life forever.
"First instinct is to trust what the WH is saying. . . ." So much for the adversarial press, eh? "[B]ut they've squandered a lot of that trust lately." He might just as well have quoted Marvin the Martian: "I'm not angry, just terribly, terribly hurt." Squandered trust or not, the government media will continue to participate in this regime's corruption while campaigning openly for the next crop of leftists.
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