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Okay, I admit that I've been having a bit of morbid, but not exactly sporting, rhetorical fun at your expense, but I'll cut to the last reel because I have far better things to do. That baker must serve everyone. He doesn't have to bake a wedding cake for anyone. He doesn't have to make a blue mango wedding cake for anyone. If he agrees to bake a wedding cake, nothing in the Constitution empowers any court, legislature, or bureaucrat, never mind an amateur tyrant wannabe like you, to dictate what he may write, depict, or applaud. The minute details of running his business are just that—his business. If you own a bakery, your business is YOUR business. No one may force you to make slogan-bearing cupcakes for Westboro Baptist Church. Funny thing, the Constitution. It protects you even as you try to deny its protections to others.
"[T]hen you must think that the bakery can refuse to bake a cake with a picture of an interracial couple because it violates their religious beliefs. Is that right?" Then you must believe that the bakery can't refuse to bake a cake bearing the legend "Kill Whitey." Is that right?
Anyone may order a wedding cake. I'm under no obligation to provide it, however; and the Constitution protects me from compulsion to provide it. You can't see that because your bigotry has blinded you.
. . .read OR comprehend. . .
Then you didn't read o comprehed very well. I wrote nothing contrary to fact. My comment on "just as equal" was a critique not of your beliefs, but of your language-mangling. "Equal" is an absolute term that doesn't allow comparison. My reference to having sex in the bakery was meant to point out a slippery slope. Once the state can crush conscientious objection to same-sex marriage, it can, and surely will, crush conscientious objection to anything else it pleases. You are a fool who applauds tyranny that you happen to agree with.
There's no doubt about the central fact in this case: Eddie Ray Routh killed two men. It doesn't matter whether he thought that they were Martian robots trying to poison his root beer. It doesn't matter whether he committed murder or manslaughter. It doesn't matter whether he's guilty in the same sense that Bernie Madoff is guilty. It doesn't matter whether whether temporary insanity exists or some doctor thinks he's temporarily curable. (DSM-IV still doesn't have entries for topics such as "weekend sociopath.") It doesn't matter whether punishment has any meaning in this case or whether correction is possible. It does matter, however, that imprisonment or death is a strong preventive measure. Freeing dangerous people has become a big industry. Given the slightest opportunity, someone will eventually put Routh back on the street to endanger others. Routh killed two men trying to help him. He must never be given another shot.
I have nothing to gain from further contention with a lunatic who's too busy ventilating to read. But don't think this encounter hasn't been a little slice of heaven.
Cort, ol' sport, Christians are already required to leave their faith at home. The question is whether home will remain a refuge.
1. I didn't pick your screen name—or the name or the name of Nixon's Committee to RE-Elect the President—but I reserve the right to make note of either. Your remark on the childishness of my observation is the first compliment I've received today. 2. "So the reality is that Phillips violated the law." No, he did not, LIE. You (among a multitude) fail to distinguish between people and practices. No one has proven or even suggested that Phillips or any of the other small business being persecuted as examples ever discriminated against PEOPLE on any basis. But Phillips drew a line at endorsing a PRACTICE in violation of his beliefs. He didn't refuse to serve the bullies who targeted him for harassment. He didn't refuse to bake them a cake. He refused to bake them a WEDDING cake. Thus the Colorado Civil Rights Commission attacked him for refusing to lend his name to an expression that he found abhorrent and an institution that Colorado itself didn't recognize. A Jewish printer may not legally discriminate against people with German surnames; but the state may not and must not compel him to print flyers for an illegal Nazi rally. Jack Phillips may not refuse to discriminate against people whose sexual practices he deems sinful, but he is not required to let them have sex in his place of business. 3. I don't know why I'm wasting time on someone who thinks "the love between same sex couples is just as equal . . ." is a coherent thought. Probably lack of coffee, and there's a quick remedy for that.
1. Consider the case of Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, in Lakewood, Colorado, who was ordered to make cakes for same-sex marriages and submit, with his entire staff, to reeducation more than a year BEFORE same-sex marriage was legal in that state. That is, the government threatened him with ruin for refusing to celebrate something that didn't exist. 2. Interesting that your screen name yields the acronym LIE.
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