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"Do leftists even pretend to be intellectually open and behaviorally tolerant anymore? If they do, will anyone take them seriously?" Do Marquette and other "Catholic" universities even pretend to be Catholic or universities anymore or to care what students, parents, alumni, and the public think? Does the Church even pretend to have a grip on nominally Catholic institutions or to care what they do in its name? If it tried belatedly to show intererest or reassert control, would anyone take it seriously? Prof. McAdams's career is probably over. Marquette seems likely to expel the student at the center of this mess or simply make him so miserable that he leaves. Because Marquette is a private school, neither has many legal options. Nor is there much hope for students, faculty, and staff practicing self-censorship in hope of avoiding persecution. The only thing that still unites the Church and its wayward institutions is money, and the only way to get their attention is to cut it off. If students withdraw or transfer, if parents and boosters stop writing checks, if parishoners keep their wallets closed, eventually someone somewhere in the hierarchy will notice. I hope.
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A New Low in the War on Christmas

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 7:50 AM
Be careful with superlatives. As soon as you identify a new low, someone will go lower. Eventually this country will be as tolerant as China.
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Finally Something Putin Fears

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 7:26 AM
If the United States seriously exploited its own energy resources and approved infrastructure such as the Keystone XL pipeline, Russia's economy would suffer further, Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries would have less to spend on supporting terrorism, and the American economy would flourish.
1. You could have omitted the last two words of your title, and the correct answer is no. There are no ethics in the government media. 2. Nor are there standards of any other kind. You ask, "But is any of it accurate, or even any of our business?" There's a more basic question: Is any of it even real? Forging documents is easier than stealing them, forging e-mail is easier still, and extortionists aren't above suspicion of lying. One has to wonder why Sony executives almost immediately apologized for the leaked material instead of proclaiming it all fake. Real hackers would've had a hard time proving this stuff is authentic without revealing their methods or their identities. Perhaps the Sony bigwigs were trying to avert terrorist attacks, virtual or physical, on themselves, their employees, and their customers. We've heard about some threats. We probably haven't heard about others. As in the Rathergate fiasco a decade ago, it appears that no one in the government media has the slightest interest in such questions, though NPR, among others, did wake up long enough to try shifting blame away from North Korea. 3. Sony is a Japanese company—Japan has been curiously silent in this episode—but threats against American civilians by a foreign government are acts of war and should be treated as such. North Korea isn't a transnational hydra such as Al Qaeda or an abstraction such as terrorism. It's a country that Congress can legitimately declare war against and whose assets easy enough to find and destroy. 4. The Kims and their circle are insane and unpredictable, but they don't brew coffee without permission from Beijing. Whenever you see or hear "North Korea" in a report, it's useful to mentally substitute "China."
I'm guessing that "Uncle Same" is a typo, but it fits perfectly. With bipartisan support, the surveillance state has taken another in a long series of steps toward complete domination.
No more Bushes. No more Clintons, Kennedys, Romneys, Cuomos, Browns . . . no more dynasties.
1. Senate Democrats would've loved to hold this hit piece a while longer and relive the glory days of the Church Committee during an election year. The recent elections make that highly unlikely, so they had to scramble to get it out while they're still a majority in that chamber. 2. A savvy presidential aspirant would take this opportunity to say that the Democrat report is nothing compared with what awaits anyone who dares to attack us. Spies, pirates, and stateless rogues aren't covered by the Geneva Conventions, and traditional protections are few. Any terrorist captured from here on will be pumped for information by every available technique, torn apart by unclean animals, and denied burial, and his hometown, if known, will be obliterated. 3. Now that the Democrat Party has thrown the CIA under the bus, I'll bet that all those Clintonistas in Langley who participated in the Joe Wilson setup or undermined Bush 43 by other means feel pretty damned stupid. They should. They are.
Indeed. Let them watch impotently as a Republican president's nominees sail through. That's not punishment enough, however. Democrats are always childishly, vindictively monkeying with things—letting nonvoting delegates from Guam and DC vote, in effect; giving Republicans office space in the mechanical room; tossing hundreds of bills and nominations into the trashcan without votes; passing Obamacare by a host of nontraditional and unconstitutional means; and so on. Reid and company should be relieved of all committee assignments. They should not be allowed to speak on the floor. Their bills should go instantly to the same limbo where Republican bills have moldered the last several years. They should be made to understand that destroying institutional traditions and integrity for short-term partisan advantage has consequences. Their constituents should be made to understand that as long as they continue to elect such people, they will have no effective representation. Someone may eventually catch on.
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Megyn Kelly And The Abortion Phile

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 5:34 AM
That clicking you hear in the background is a giant ratchet. First abortion was made legal. Then it was publicly funded. Then it became a cause for celebration. Before long, it will be mandatory. Mark my words. If this country remains intact long enough, it will become China.
Gowdy AND Jindal. . .
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