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Like several posters below, I don't use social media. Absence isn't much of a defense, however. If these thugs can vandalize an existing Facebook page, they can just as easily open a new one under my name. Withdrawal is equally pointless. In fact, lefties would love it if we all just ceded the Internet to them. The short-term solutions to this problem are vigilance and greater attention to security. Longer-term solutions, unfortunately, will take time, money, and patience. They include taking every opportunity to publicize grievances, as lefties are wont to do, and suing hell out of social media companies, Web hosts, and employers who punish the victims of these attacks. Unfortunately, this is all just a preliminary skirmish in a long cyberwar. If you think a few idiot savants on Soros's part-time payroll are causing difficulty, wait until the surveillance state starts feeding information wholesale to him, a dozen other leftist billionaires, and the dirty-tricks branches of the DNC, unions, and the major media. We know that the IRS has already leaked data to useful idiots in the press. Imagine what SEIU might do with information from the NSA.
I'm no great admirer of Bush 43, but if he worked at it for a thousand years, he couldn't screw things up as badly as Obama has. Recall, too, that a lot of dissatisfaction with the Bush administration was spillover from Dennis Hastert and the business-as-usual crowd in Congress. Much of the rest was from the repetition of outright lies by Democrats and the press (sorry for repeating myself), e.g., the war in Iraq is lost, the surge won't work, Bush caused Katrina. . . And bear in mind that Obama had the advantages of novelty, support from the usual Democrat constituencies (including foreigners), and unabashed campaigning by the press. A rule of thumb is that favorable press coverage is worth 10 points in an election. No one since Kennedy has gotten coverage as favorable as Obama's, but he won by only 7%.
Not only is Obama appallingly unqualified. He also entered office woefully unprepared. One reason, of course, is that he really believes he's superhuman and therefore saw no need for remedial work. Another, in all likelihood, is that he never expected this racist country to choose him and Joe Schmo over a war hero and a pretty woman. I get the impression that Obama ran to boost his cred and his earning power and that his backers, foreign and domestic, had more confidence in his campaign than he did. His famous line, "I'm starting to believe my own [BS]," may be more revealing than he intended. Referring to Bush 43 on election night 2004, Kerry reportedly exclaimed, "I can't believe I'm losing to this idiot." I'd bet five bucks that in 2008 Obama said where someone could hear, "I can't believe I'm winning." And we have to put up with this clown shoe until 2017. God help us. But then why should he?
Obama freed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the new ISIS "caliph," and a number of other evildoers who've probably joined him. Obama armed ISIS by running arms through Turkey and the Al Qaeda franchise in Libya. In fact, he probably tried to sacrifice everyone at the Benghazi consulate to cover up that operation. (It's a miracle that most of the 30-odd survived.) He probably funded ISIS, too. He withheld support from the more moderate Syrian rebels long enough for ISIS to become dominant. He pulled our forces out of Iraq so precipitously and completely that collapse was probable in any event. But by creating a vacuum at just the right time, he pretty much invited ISIS to fill it. Right now Iraq is a much softer target than Syria, which is backed by Russia and Iran and shows no sign of capitulation. Obama can't do or even say much against ISIS without announcing that everything he's done in that region has been an unqualified disaster. He'll never admit that to himself, never mind to the public. So he'll continue golfing, campaigning, dithering, firing missiles when some atrocity causes an outcry, and hoping that the whole mess will just drop out of the headlines.
Never let a crisis go to waste; and if there's none handy, create one.
I guess that NBC couldn't match CBS in obvious financial contributions to Hillary's political war chest/anti-poverty program, so it's going underground. (The Clinton Broadcasting System owns Simon and Schuster, which gave Hill a $14 million advance for her latest doorstop.) NBC is still campaigning for her, however, though CBS seems to be leading in in-kind contributions, too. In the forthcoming CBS series, Madam Secretary, Tea Leoni plays a blonde woman secretary of state with three names. NBC's belated entry into the elect-Hillary contest is State of Affairs, wherein Katherine Heigl plays a blonde woman CIA agent who advises a black president. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is just fine with the DNC. ABC is lagging badly, but it may yet make a respectable showing with its documentary series, Vote Twice for Hillary, or We're All Going To Die. If you're looking for evidence that the Federal Elections Commission is unsalvageably corrupt, here it is.
Ah, I see that I missed that bit of celebrity news. How sad for the kid to be raised among airheads and criminals.
We can only hope that this pampered airhead is too clueless to conceive a child.
When did the federal government become obsessed with crappy videos? The IRS is too busy making Star Trek parodies to give taxpayers usable advice. The GSA makes rap videos about ripping off taxpayers, gives itself awards for them, then makes insulting videos about THAT. Now the VA killers are knocking off Sesame Street. I'd like to see a video of all these fools being tarred and feathered.
Yes, there are some good people in the system. The system is corrupt, probably irredeemable, and anyone who stays in it long enough is likely to become corrupt. This is why I advocate clearing the slate and beginning again. It's hard to see how a fresh start could make things much worse.
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