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When did the federal government become obsessed with crappy videos? The IRS is too busy making Star Trek parodies to give taxpayers usable advice. The GSA makes rap videos about ripping off taxpayers, gives itself awards for them, then makes insulting videos about THAT. Now the VA killers are knocking off Sesame Street. I'd like to see a video of all these fools being tarred and feathered.
Yes, there are some good people in the system. The system is corrupt, probably irredeemable, and anyone who stays in it long enough is likely to become corrupt. This is why I advocate clearing the slate and beginning again. It's hard to see how a fresh start could make things much worse.
If I can, I have to give credit to 20 years in the Army.
It's pretty clear that he questions the patriotism of those who disagree with his position, whatever it is. Beyond this point I have no clue.
Do we still have a Congress? Who knew?
Thanks for your reply, AB. I didn't mean to suggest that either Bush went in for oil. I was just pointing out how different things might be if there were an independent Kurdistan. Oil is part of the total picture. In the interest of brevity, I didn't mention that a free Kurdistan would've given a long-oppressed minority a homeland, taken some pressure off Turkey, and given Iran something else to think about.
Prosecute the WORST. Sorry. My minimal typing skills disappear when I'm upset.
The unspeakable bastards have withheld treatment from, and in some cases killed, veterans to keep their undeserved bonuses flowing, and they have the nerve to denigrate those who complain. Abolish the agency. Fire everyone. Ban them all from further federal employment. Prosecute the rest. And turn the hospitals and other resources over to people who know what the hell they're doing.
Play GAMES. Sorry about the typo.
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