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Golf Is Not the Answer

Matt in N.C. Wrote: 47 mins ago (7:21 AM)
When he's on the links, the country drifts, and our enemies attack. When he's not on the links, he's usually playing the fool, as in his selfie episodes, campaigning, or raising funds—the last two being curious pursuits for someone who'll never again run for elective office in this country. The country still drifts, and enemies still attack. On occasions when he does something seemingly presidential, it usually involves wrecking the constitution, wrecking the economy, wrecking our remaining alliances and understandings, or insinuating himself into local disputes. I don't know whether absenteeism is better or worse than malfeasance.
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Scotland's Future Hangs in Balance

Matt in N.C. Wrote: 1 hour ago (6:32 AM)
The United Kingdom is like a sinking cruise ship with idiots on the bridge, saboteurs in the engine room, and drunk passengers everywhere else. It may break up or remain intact; but in either event, it will go down.
AmyDB: Undercaffeinated, eh? I think I'll try to stay on your good side till you've quaffed a few more. cambeul41: Yeah, I like option C. The world is full of stupid liars and dishonest morons.
Good morning, ma'am. It seems that Dr. X has brought you to the point we all reach in dealing with lefties, where we have to figure out whether they're liars or idiots. Some choice, huh?
Racism pretty much defines the party that gave us the Trail of Tears, the KKK, Jim Crow, and ethnic internment (FDR started planning for Japanese concentration camps more than five years before Pearl Harbor). It's not new, but it IS news. We shouldn't let the sheer volume of offenses awe us into silence. Democrats don't deserve a pass on this.
Until the goodies go to someone else or disappear altogether.
There are different corporate tax rates and revenues, but there is really no corporate tax. The effects of the fiction are real, however. Corporations are just conduits. For-profit corporations can endure only so much taxation before they pass it along to their customers, squeeze their suppliers, or cut employment or wages. If government is greedy enough, they must either flee or fold. Nonprofit corporations may be exempt from some taxation, but not all, and they can endure only so much before they reduce services, squeeze suppliers, cut employment or wages, or suspend operations. Abolishing the make-believe corporate tax would invigorate the economy more than anything except cutting government spending in half.
You are entirely too moderate and civil. This has nothing to do with science, and it isn't even research. It's an attempt to use public money for directing public discourse, stifling dissent, and intimidate dissenters in an election year. The NSF, like the IRS and the VA, should be abolished or rebuilt from the ground up.
There are decent lawyers, but they're so rare in politics and particularly in Washington as to make the term a virtual oxymoron. If liberals weren't fools, they wouldn't be liberals. And telling a fool to stop being foolish is as pointless as telling water to stop being wet.
Interesting. The IRS could not have lost all the records Congress is interested in from all the officials Congress is interested in from all storage media at all locations simultaneously. If this were conceivable, the IRS violated the Federal Records Act by not notifying the National Archives of the loss in a timely manner. We're left with just three overlapping possibilities: (1) The IRS violated the FRA by not keeping records adequately or at all. (2) The IRS obstructed justice and violated the FRA and probably other laws (e.g., the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the USA PATRIOT Act) by destroying records. (3) The IRS had the records all along, and Smirkin' John Koskinen et al. perjured themselves when they said the records were lost. It's no wonder that number 3 seems to be in the lead. Destroying thousands of records on hundreds of servers and storage media requires more effort than lying, and it increases the number of potential whistle-blowers. However all this shakes out, a fair number of people must be prosecuted and should go to prison. Maybe DOJ will finally do something under a Republican administration.
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