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Plus the unknown number in Syria and Iraq that ISIS killed with arms your Messiah provided.
On the contrary, she may be the only major public figure could turn out worse than either her husband or Obama. They're all vile, despicable traitors with major problems, but she seems the most disturbed.
Running arms to Al Qaeda, sacrificing Americans to cover up the operation for political gain, lying repeatedly about events, and intimidating and silencing survivors are not straws. They're impeachment-level crimes. But keep on laughing, fool. It's the only thing you're good at.
Nah, keeping parents in the loop would afford the breeders a degree of respect they don't deserve and open the door for their involvement. Besides, they're clearly making up this nonsense as they go. Just as the United States has a "living" Constitution, this school and a lot of others have "living" policies.
"They said the shirt could cause a classroom disruption and contained sexual content." But condom distribution and everything-goes sex ed don't. Right. Got it. You know, there's nothing wrong with public education that couldn't be put mostly right by firing just about everyone involved with it and starting over. People randomly selected from the phone book couldn't be more foolish than the professionals we're paying, and most people with degrees in real subjects probably know a lot more about subject content.
I'll chip in for the rope, but we'll need a lot.
No sane person would want a president who'd tried to sacrifice an entire diplomatic mission to hide a scheme that involves running arms to Al Qaeda. But there are a hell of a lot of Democrats in this country, a lot of them voted for Obama twice, a lot of them would vote for Hillary, and they aren't all merely uninformed. A high percentage of them are, to use the clinical term, completely batshit crazy.
Her atrocities at State are just padding for her resume, which includes travelgate, filegate, and probable behind-the-scenes involvement in the Waco massacre. Bill's crimes include trading natural resources and advanced missile technology for illegal foreign campaign contributions, failing to take Al Qaeda seriously, giving Iran a pass on TWA 800 lest it interfere with his reelection. . . These monsters will never be prosecuted. They'll never have to explain for their behavior in the court of public opinion. They won't be properly investigated even by journalists for a century or more. All this is true of Obama, too. In fact, no Democrat will ever again be brought to justice or held to account. The last conscientious Dem died or left the party a long time ago. Those running the party now would gladly destroy the country before they'd let one of their own get his due. They're all criminals or worse, and any crack in the armor threatens everyone.
The Cairo demonstration was planned weeks in advance and announced 30 August, and its focus was freeing the Blind Sheik. A Saudi-financed television network had broadcast part of the Innocence of Muslims trailer on 8 September, so it was added to the list of things to be protested, though the organizers expressing an opinion were so far out of the loop that they got the title wrong. By then, some of the organizers were threatening to burn down the U.S. embassy in Cairo in behalf of the Blind Sheik. That embassy posted an vague online apology for the video on 11 September, before the demonstration, but quickly pulled it. The fools in Washington knew from the beginning that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was not an outgrowth of a demonstration and not related in any way to the video. But they were in frantic-coverup mode. Their past efforts to arm Al Qaeda affiliates in Libya and their current efforts to arm Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria were coming unraveled. They had apparently tried unsuccessfully to sacrifice everyone at the Benghazi consulate to keep the operation quiet and prevent Obama's electoral loss six weeks later. The lie they decided on had the advantage of being ready-made and associated with previous threats to burn down an American diplomatic mission. It's significant that deadly reactions to the video around the world didn't start until 13 September, AFTER the Obama regime started blaming the video for Benghazi and ramping up the official apologies for it. More blood on Obama's hands.
It also tends to explain those Flush Rush bumper stickers that lefties like.
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