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I wish we had more definitive information about his Genesis.
Predictably appalling and appallingly predictable. He probably remains oblivious to the storm he created by grabassing and taking selfies at Mandela's funeral, but some of his handlers seem to have taken notice. In any case, he didn't send a Passover selfie yukking it up with Louis Farrakhan or have himself photoshopped into a shot of Michelangelo's Pietà.
He's a pompous fool, a bully, a merciless self-promoter, and a lousy excuse for a human being. He's also a state employee who should be terminated immediately and barred from further public. . .um. . .service. Indeed, he should've been fired six years ago, when, in another act of scientific inquiry, he desecrated the Eucharist. But as an associate professor, he's tenured, and absolutely no one would touch him if he strolled into the North Star offices, shot the editor between the eyes, and posted the video on YouTube.
The ideological cleansing of the academy has gone on for decades. A coordinated campaign of theft, vandalism, and intimidation against conservative publications and organizations has been visible since the '70s at least on campuses in every state. Open incitement by faculty and staff isn't a new wrinkle. Nor is the apathy of state legislatures, boards of trustees, alumni societies, and others in positions of authority. It'll probably take the murder of a campus conservative or the firebombing of a dissident publication's office to evoke an official response. Unfortunately, that would probably consist of driving more conservatives out for the sake of harmony and diversity.
"How do you, Jeb, and the rest of your kind propose to PAY FOR all the welfare state bills illegals & their anchors run up. . .?" Democrats are insane, but at least they do have a proposal: raising taxes, their solution to every problem. Bush and his RINO buddies have no proposal except to mumble platitudes about growth and hope that magic occurs. In a pinch, though, they'd go along with their good friends across the aisle and soak the taxpayers yet again.
Of course bringing the whole family here illegally to endure slum living, low-skill/low-wage labor, or government dependency is an act of love. How could you think otherwise? Moreover, the Democrat Party needs new voters, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce needs cheap nannies, gardeners, and grape-pickers; so opposing illegal immigration is unpatriotic. :-)
A cheaper and equally caring approach would be to declare that the United States comprises the whole world and send out driver's license applications, welfare forms, and Democrat voter-registration materials to everyone on the planet. Then we could start collecting taxes from the millions who have more than they need.
No more Bushes. No more Clintons, Kennedys, Daleys, Cuomos, Browns, or Rockefelellers. No more dynasties. Leave hereditary rule to North Korea and the U.K.
A country that can't get past sentimental blabber, political machinations, or cynical manipulation by the self-interested will never have a sensible immigration policy. A country without an immigration policy of some kind, sensible or not, has no real borders. A country without real borders isn't a real country; it's an area.
The Democrat establishment has been atheist or anti-theist for quite some time. The encouraging news is that it represents rank-and-file Democrats about as well as the GOP establishment represents Republicans living in flyover country. The discouraging news is that rank-and-file Democrats let the lunatics take over their party. The worse news is that after decades of worseniing corruption, insanity, and ruin, Democrats continue to support establishment candidates and ideas.
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