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Cleaning Obama’s Bloodstains

Matt in N.C. Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 8:56 AM
Conspiracy, negligence, ideology, and incompetence aren't mutually exclusive. I don't buy the idea that Benghazi was set up to let Obama trade the captured ambassasdor for the Blind Sheik. But that doesn't exhaust the list of conspiracies. I tend to think that an attempt at gathering the arms we'd given the Libyan rebels -- either to send those arms to Syria or just to get them warehoused before they could be linked to American deaths -- blew up in the regime's face. But I can easily believe that Hillary set it up to sabotage Obama's political ambitions (or vice versa). Or that the regime let its own people die to preserve the often-told lie that Al Qaeda is moribund and the Middle East is moderating.

Blood is staining the globe. Not the blood of terrorists (enemies of America), but the blood of innocent Americans. We cannot resuscitate our loved ones. We can only attempt to clean President Obama’s bloodstains by removing him—and all who think like him—from public office.

There is no need to “judge” Obama’s heart to realize that he is unfit to lead; God will be his judge. We need only objectively view the results of his puerile national security policy and his unconstitutional healthcare mandates:

Blood in Benghazi

On September 11, four Americans including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens were killed in...