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Condoleezza Rice is Right About Immigration, and the Nostalgists Are Wrong

Mattieohmalley Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 12:59 PM
Furthermore, why does Bowyer think that Condi Rice is a loyal American? Why? Because he is ignorant or he himself is a disloyal American and as much a LIBERAL as Condi Rice. Rice belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations. It is sole purpose is to eliminate the nation states. Nations and countries. The Bible teaches us (well everyone except Bowyer and ignorant people like him) that God has set up the nations. Not only do these nations belong to God and were created by him, they will be represented in heaven as nations. The people of God and the unsaved will be gathered together by tribe, tongues, and nations. So Condi's membership in an organization whose goal is the abolition of nations (which God created) is the spirit of anti-Christ.
Mattieohmalley Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 1:06 PM
Condi should tried for her treason, not admired for it.

Why is Bowyer complimenting a traitor? Rice violated her Constitution oath to defend the Constitution knowing she was a member of an organization that wants to lay aside the Constitution as we now know it. She should have been impeached and forever be known as a disloyal American.

The book of Revelation (seems Bowyer didn't read it) is about one world government. This is what God time and again counseled human kind against. The tower of Babel, Daniels metallic statue, the Beast and the Anti-Christ one world government--they are all the enemy of God.

That is the team Condi is on.

Why is Bowyer on it?

Why is this most critical issue of the day in the financial section of TH?
rwright Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 1:43 AM
I can't believe that this much hate resides in one person. You should seek help.
On Wednesday evening former Secretary of State Condi Rice picked a fight with a large and vocal section of the Republican base, and I’m glad she did. This confrontation is long overdue. Zero-tolerance law-and-order rhetoric about the immigration issue has become the standard for talk radio and other conservative circles, and I think that this fact puts much of the conservative movement at odds with two of its most important foundations: a view of compassion derived from the Biblical tradition, and a commitment to economic freedom and limited government as an optimistic upward path to prosperity.
Here’s what she said:...