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corection: would NOT breed like cockroaches* etc etc
Mo4 Well, some of your ideas have merit. Though after you said (Number 1) eliminate government schools, in Number 2 you advocated government schools (town, city, county level). I HOPE you meant eliminate the FEDERAL government from the process. And indeed eliminate the STATE governments from the process. Fine with me, but compulsory attendance laws still should be abolished. Why have it even at the local level? People should just go purchase a private school slot for their youngsters or home school them. If the pigs on the left had to pay for the schools themselves maybe they would breed like cockroaches (when they are not murdering their offspring in the womb, of course).
Drifter You need to inform yourself. The mainstream media is run by the CIA through the Council on Foreign Relations. A black ops group from Hell.
Watch The mainstream media is a CIA operation run out of the Council on Foreign Relations. Even Fox News is part of it. This is why the CIA is forcing the left wing media to be a little more right and the right wing media a lot more left. They want a balance among the subversives they sponsor so as not to frighten the peons.
Harold It is much more easy to give ones opinion here than at the fascist website of HuffPo. Things are so bad there that it takes forever for your post to print (unless you mutter a word or two). They pretty much only allow you to comment on their main writers if you agree with them. And when you tell the truth (such as Obama is a communist and a murderer and so forth?) Well forget it. It isn't allowed by the communist leadership over there. TH does censor, but not as badly as HuffPo. HuffPo is totally evil.
Hard "It should be labeled"? By whom? And for whom? For people too stupid to figure it out the difference? No. "It should be" shouldn't be. All the media corps need to do is admit they intentionally deceived the public for most of the last century and they still have a bias. Then go on from there. It should be labeled. Sheesh. You are one of THOSE people (the kind of people who have created a civilization with so many laws, rules, and regulations that you yourself cannot live a day in your miserable life without accidentally committing 3 felonies).
The relationship between the Obama admin and GM is called FASCISM.
Steve The problem is the denial of bias for nearly a century. The problem is the deceit by the mainstream media for a very long time. The problem was the deceitfulness with which they proceeded and the money and power they derived from their deceit, subversion, sedition, calumny, and overthrow of the American people and the Constitution. That is the problem, pin head. And of course they had extensive coverage. Like Pravda. Dimwit.
peren CIA>>>>>>>traitors, subversives, criminals. One world commies. Nazis.
The Chicago strike shows why public education needs to be abolished.
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