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An Open Letter to Mark Potok, Spokesman for the SPLC (Part I)

Mattieohmalley Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 8:47 AM
The Democratic Party, the Department of Homeland Security, the DEA, the BATF, most District Attorny's, Prosecutors, and local cops are subversives as well. As is the TSA. The fastest growing criminal element in America is law enforcement. Defund your local police before it is too late. Abolish the Nazi DHS, DEA, BAFT (where in the constitution do the feds get the power to regulate booze and tobacco? No where. Same with homeland security.. There is no authority. These people are the criminals.
Dear Mr. Potok,

Because your organization has not responded to my previous attempts to interact and because the SPLC is coming under increasing public scrutiny, I am writing this open letter with the hope that you will respond. You should be familiar with my name, since I am on your list of “30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right” and since I was profiled in the Spring 2012 Intelligence Report (more on that shortly).

My desire in writing to you is not to be contentious, nor is it to embarrass you. Rather, it...