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20 Observations About Human Nature That Liberals Would Probably Disagree With

MatthewlovesAyn Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 7:32 AM
Glen: I don't think narcissistic is the the word I would use. Perhaps self-interested. And I don't think that's an immoral thing. A plant that acts to gnarl it's roots and hide from the sun will not survive. The wolf that chews off its' fur will perish. The man that acts against his own self-interests cannot survive either. The logical conclusion is then: Man MUST act in his own self-interest. That said, he must also realize that all others will do the same. If he steals, he must realize that others will protect that which is theirs and pay the consequences of his actions. Then man must act in a way of rational self interest. The best example of this is unforced trade. Compulsion, no matter the reason, is the great immorality.

1) Working hard, being self-reliant and taking responsibility for your own life are good for you and will make you much happier than having too much leisure time, being overly dependent and giving others responsibility for your life.

2) The more a behavior is rewarded with attention, fame, sympathy or money, the more of it we'll see. We recognize this almost instinctively when it comes to good behaviors, but we also tend to almost habitually block it out when it comes to behaviors we don't want to encourage.

3) There's nothing shameful about being poor -- but, if you stay...