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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

Matthew Jay Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 3:46 PM
Actually, no. The 51 votes are needed to pass a law. The 67 votes (2/3 majority) are needed to override a presidential veto.
Senator Miller, I'm sure you've been alerted to Ms. Rousselle's post. No doubt you're glancing through these comments. How do I know? Because that's what arrogance and vanity cause a person to do. I don't know the context of your verbal exchange. So I can't comment other than to say; if the only retort you have when confronted with a difficult issue is the f-word, you are a pitiful public servant; possessing a small intellect and compensating for it with the false bravado usually seen in high school students.
Would that you were right, friend. The problem is, this president has nearly half of our citizens convinced that socialism is a good thing. To them, it's "free money." And they have no incentive to change. Our government has actually made it more profitable to quit looking for a job and just stay at home. If you're one of the millions of Americans who get free/reduced rent, food stamps, free/reduce school lunch and now breakfast, too, free school supplies, utility assistance, day care assistance, free/reduced medical care, free/reduced health insurance, free/low cost bus passes, vouchers for clothing and a free cell phone, why would you want to change? That's one of the huge problems with socialism; in creates very powerful disincentives to change among its beneficiaries.
And those two visions of America are incompatible and irreconcilable, my friend. Because the urban areas are much more densely populated, they amass far greater wealth, political power and influence than the rural regions. Thus they can and do pound their agenda down the throats of their fellow citizens. Look how many states are currently facing secession movements within their borders. This probably won't end well. Last time we were this divided as a nation, we ended up shooting at one another. Let's hope we can avoid that outcome.
The damage has indeed been self-inflicted by those of us who call ourselves Christian. It began with the deterioration of the mainline Protestant churches and their capitulation on social/moral matters. It spread to Catholics in open dissent from Rome. We gave up on marriage a long time ago with our own patterns of marriage and divorce. We lost because we were never united in battle for a common vision. To this day, some Protestants don't consider Catholics as Christians. We lost because we'd corroded from within. We lost because sin is attractive and fun while holiness requires sacrifice and self-denial. We lost when we couldn't agree on the sacredness of all human life. When the right to life is disregarded, little surprise that other rights can be taken away. We lost because we took for granted our religious freedom and liberty. It's the old saying: "freedom isn't free." When the alarm sounded, too many of us couldn't be bothered to respond.
Great post, Publius! CVS takes the righteous sounding high road on tobacco but ignores all sorts of other harmful products they sell. Will they stop selling RU 486, a drug that causes the death of fertilized human embryo's?
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Is the United States Splitting Apart?

Matthew Jay Wrote: Sep 25, 2013 7:03 PM
The problem is the urban, liberal populations are disproportionally represented in the state legislative bodies. Think of it this way: If a state has a population of 6 million, and 4 million live scattered throughout the smaller, more rural and conservative areas of the state, the one big, more liberal, metropolitan area of 2 million becomes the center of all the attention. Those voters and the representatives they elect to the legislature can effectively commandeer the agenda for the state. They vote, of course, in their own best interests and ride roughshod over their fellow citizens. In the parlance, "it pisses people off."
Let's not forget Maine. The good folks in northern Maine are sick to death of what has become of the southern portion of their once great state. So sick in fact, the people there are themselves calling to rename their OWN southern counties, Northern Massachusetts (not Southern Maine).
Such a compelling argument...! How indicative this is of what passes as thinking among some on the left. Attack the person (and in this case - Fox News) and throw around a few derogatory terms without ever making even the slightest attempt at a rational presentation of an argument based on facts, reason or evidence.
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