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I have no problem what a person does in the privacy of their home. I have a problem with they want to throw it into my face and try to force me to believe in their way. The only hate I have seen is from the gay community and I will never support anything they support from here on out and it appears that a lot of Americans are fed up with this type of behavior. It is time to stop this type of garbage...people have a right to believe what they want without protest.
That was a America years ago. People forget what we use to have. People did not want to be government assistance and they would do everything they could to avoid it. We were a proud people then. We also took care of each other and it was not every man for themselves.
I agree and will be in the same boat. The wife's job will help when I retire and her insurance. It would have been nice to have options with my retirement but they give you none and do what they want with it.
I pay towards my pension...I pay 9 percent a check and my employer only pays 3 percent. That is why I tell people not to lump all of us together. We are not Union and we don't like the union where I live.
I agree but this was what we were told we were going to pay into and that is all I have when I am done. We have one of the best pension plans in the country right now but are being lumped in with all the states that screwed up.
I respect what Mr. Ransom is saying but don't lump us all in the same boat. I work in a "right to work state". I have been a police officer for 24 years. The retirement plan in our state is solvent and will be. We pay full price for our insurance when we retire. We get our retirement only after 28 years. I understand the frustrations of the pension plans but we as officers do not get Social Security, only our retirement. I also would like to mention that most of these officers will retire injured in one way or another. It is impossible to do the job without getting hurt. I will be having nose reconstruction and elbow surgery soon thanks to a drug dealer. This will be my sixth surgery in my career. We don't work behind a desk.
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