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Good. The man's a disgrace. He has squandered his opportunities for principled resistance, and caves to Obama constantly. His recent willingness to be Obama's fall-guy for the Syria fiasco is further evidence. We need a leader who is willing to stand up to the statists.
And do you believe a black photographer should be made to attend a Klan rally if hired?
Incorrect. They were not refusing service because the people involved were gay. The businesses refused service because it was requested for a specific objectionable event. It would be one thing for a bakery to refuse to serve a muffin to somebody because they were gay. It is entirely different to force that business to create a cake for the purpose of celebrating a ceremony which directly contradicts the religious beliefs fo the business owner. This is the key distinction being lost here. It is not discrimination against a person, it is refusal to honor an objecitonable ceremony.
Unfortunately, the homosexual community is not interested in freedom. They want control and an the extermination of opposition. There is nothing new here, Satan has always been a statist.
Somehow his amendment to make it clear that we are now actively supporting Al Qaeda doesn't give me the warm fuzzies...
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Time to Make "Unborn" the New Gay?

Matthew492 Wrote: Sep 04, 2013 3:27 PM
Homosexual activists were able to achieve so much because they were able to first take over the APA and then take homosexuality off the ist of psychiatric disorders. After this it took decades of pro-homosexual propaganda from Hollywood before the homosexuals were able to achieve the level of acceptance they have now. Unfortunately, I don't think we can replicate this model for preborn humans. The pro-life movement will never have the money and resources of the pro-deathers.
“We’ve got Christians calling Christians ungodly,” he said. “It’s digressing to a sad point rather than both sides being in prayer and seeking compromise.” How about Christians calling Christians 'statists?' This is why I hate the use of zoning laws in these situations. It's their property and they don't want to display anything obscene, let them do it.
OK, now I understand that he thinks these hearings are a waste of time, because he has already made up his mind. But before we start sending arms and running bombing missions ON BEHALF OF AL QAEDA, can he at least pretend liek he's paying attention?!?!?!
Next up from these nuts: "The Nazi Logistics Game!" Help poor Nazis, trying to fight an expensive war on two fronts, find the resources to kill millions of Jews and other "undesirables." I would hope that this game would put a more concrete, human face on the issue, that players would not see these Nazis as evil or shameful, but understand the difficult (often impossible) situations they’re in, and the difficulties they faced in making and achieving their choice to exterminate the Jews.
That is because McVeigh withdrew his appeals, so the sentence was carried out expediciously. Hasan may want to waive his appeals, but miilitary courts are required by statute to review death sentences regardless of any waivers
I think I'd save my dog's droppings before him...
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