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Actually, you can join the military at 17 if you have parental consent and have graduated high school (waivers for GED have stopped recently). Since the minimum contract is two years, I think the 19 yo reference would be to people who are currently still on Active duty. However, you could leave early and still receive an Honorable discharge (such as medical retirement, hardship or education exemption, etc).
Our problem is that we keep trying to "fix" unfixable countries. We need to return our military to its proper purpose: destroying the enemy. I have no problem with the Iraq invasion, because Hussein was violating the terms of the Desert Storm cease-fire. He was also posturing that he had illegal WMDs. Whether he had them and shipped them to Syria or simply was making it up is irrelevant. He provided all the justification in the world for taking him out as a threat to our interests. However, once he was removed we should have said mission accomplished and LEFT. We should have let the Iraqis rebuild their government in any way they wanted with the understanding that if they became aggressors to our allies agian we'd kick their butts again. Same for Afghanistan. Once we overthrew the sitting government that was harboring Al Qaeda, we should have left. I don't care how they govern themselves as long as they are not allowing terrorists to use them as a staging ground to attack us. We should address threats as they arise, not try to fix every third-world country's problems.
"Under Kern's bill, students couldn't be punished for possessing small toy weapons or using writing utensils, fingers or their hands to simulate a weapon." I think this would cover it.
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Ok Let's Have Open Carry on Campus

Matthew492 Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 2:59 PM
"When will there be the next Newtown, Texas Massacre, Virginia Tech, infinitum." So, how well are those gun bans working to prevent these kinds of attacks? Crickets... You know what could actually make a difference? A good guy with a gun.
If Virginia votes for McAuliffe, they deserve the disaster they are going to get. Unfortunately, I live here and will have to put up with it as well. At least I get to move in the next 2-3 years when the Army says it's time to go. As for the rest, they will soon be having all the success of California and Detroit...
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No Compromises on a Sinking Ship

Matthew492 Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 1:19 PM
I think Williams has not been paying attention. I WISH the Republicans weren't compromising so much. Yes, in the beginning they wanted to defund and then delay Obamacare, but since then there have been several compromise offers, including simply getting rid fo the new additional taxes on prosthetics and pacemakers, and removing the Obamacare subsidies from Congress. They are a far cry from defund or else that Williams seems to portray.
How about the House agrees to vote on a "clean" bill if the Senate agrees to vote on the bills already submitted? Let's put everybody on the record.
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Why Boehner Won't Vote on Clean CR

Matthew492 Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 10:35 AM
Just a clarification; congress had nothing to do with shutting down the open air monuments. There is nothing about the shutdown itself that requires additional money and resources be used to create barriers where there were no barriers before. It is not even a safety issue, because the police have not been furloughed. The shutdown of th eopen air monuments was done solely by the administration for cheap political propaganda.
Posse Commitatus wouldn't apply. It would be a National Guard unit, controlled by the state, not the feds. A lot of states use national guard help for police actions, particular for going after drug growers in the mountains. The ROE is agood point, and given that it is Chicago I would say yes, they probably will be so restictive it will just get the guardsmen killed. Given the state of these inner cities, it would probably be more productive to just carpet the bomb the whole thing and start over. Worked great for post WWII Germany and Japan...
All part of the Republican's War on Women... or something
Your shotgun comment is the funniest thing I've read today. Thanks for the smile. Now I'm going to go grieve the loss of my country...
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