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I saw her on that porn site $28.00/hour it cost me $50.00/30 minutes she is getting ripped off, tell her to put her clothes on and demand more $
So I guess people in Ohio should not give relief items to people on the East Coast? Well then who should give to the storm victims ? Oh yea the people on the East Coast should give to themselves. Does MSNBC ever listen to what they are saying. Oh by the way I saw Mitt Romney on Monday and he suggested donating to the Red Cross.
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Obama's Layoff Bomb

Matthew48 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 8:32 AM
An issue that people are not talking about is the fact that Obamacare cost to businesses will cut into their profits thus reducing taxes coming into the US Treasury further increasing the US debt.
Maybe just maybe if BHO attended his daily intelligence breifings there might have been a mention of a need for more security in Libaya. Afterall it is only one of the hottest areas for terroists groups in the world. A true leader takes the hit he/she doesn't throw his people under the bus, but we all know he is not a leader.
If BHO is sooooooooo intelligent then he should release his college records and all his writings as the president of the Harvard Law Review.
I am surprised they haven't blamed George W Bush for these attacks! Well it has only been a couple of days I guess there is still time.
Actually the economic crash was due in part by the housing debacle which both parties were involved with, but was formulated by the Dems with a belief everyone should own their own home, even if they cannot afford one. Both wars were approved by Congress. They were very Unpopular but so were two 747 jets flying into the world trade centers. BHO once again proves why the title The Amateur seems appropriate
The republicans have become soooooooo extreme, imagine a pro-life stance, a balanced budget, simplified tax code, adhering to existing immigration laws. It is time to fire the amateur and bring in the pro, this PC experiment is done!
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