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and 90 percent want background checks
call Tom
tax money isn't used it's a private business
and through some research.... It was Muslims that lodged the complaint! Case cracked!
you don't know what your talking about lol
In and Out burgers does it at their company as well. They are delicious.
the business can do whatever they want. if they want to keep a 600 million dollar contract with our military...then it's their choice to do what the client asks of them...or to walk away. This company always had the choice. They choose to keep the money...then lie. Not good business.
I never said they made rifles. You are drunk. I said Jesus Rifle...that's what they were called. Please listen...i know you like to argue for the sake of arguing... but you should really listen for once. thanks
I said Jesus Rifle... listen.. Jesus Rifle.... I didn't lie and I didn't come up with these names.
That's what they called them....Jesus rifles...I didn't coin the name. there was even a facebook page dedicated to it..
Yes they would have because the company did this before with rifles.
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