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Well at least this will keep your kids away from people like Dr. Kermit Gosnell.
Make sure your daughter doesn't have unprotected sex and no need to be alarmed by this. Also..if they are raised with good Christian values and morals...then they will be saving themselves for their wedding night anyhoo! lol non-issue
If the parents were parents then this topic would be irrelevant.
Awesome! Would love to see more of this!
so were they falsely imprisoned?
I'm not defending him. He should have been gone years ago...
Yes you can die for your country but can't have a beer. Ridiculous In fact many places in the south...ADULTS can't even go and buy a beer on Sundays.. Your neighbors know best.
an occasional pot smoker isn't going to rob you. some abortion laws have nothing to do with abortion. the fact that I'm married won't affect your marriage or those who have been married and divorced multiple times. You just proved my point
Politicians (and the voting public) always think they know best. If it's not healthcare, sodas, or cigarettes... It's mandatory laws for pregnant women, gay marriage, blue laws, breastfeeding in public, drugs.. SO MANY laws that make no sense. SOME laws are implemented for some "moral purpose" ...founded by religious grand-standers who need to impose their beliefs on their (otherwise) law abiding neighbors. MOST are simply created for revenue purposes. Sure we won't raise taxes..but we will invent crazy laws to shakedown (otherwise again) everyday law abiding citizens. (driving laws especially) Both major parties do this so don't pick sides. It will make you look foolish. It's only wrong when the other side is doing
and 90 percent want background checks
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