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The Party of Women, and Doormats

MattAngelucci Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 10:45 AM
If the Democrats came to politics with the sensibilities of citizens of a Republic, their response to these actions would be different. Instead, they come to with the sensibilities of slaves and masters. To them, POTUS, Weiner, Clinton, et al, are masters, and are to be served. Their action aren't for the likes of we mere peasants to judge. Who was the reporter who said she'd go down on Clinton to reward him for his pro-abortion stance? Course, she could have said she wanted to just thank him, but...
Give 'em the whole load? I am surprised he didn't mention a happy ending.
What did POTUS do to prepare for the debate? Must have put on his "debater" hat, the one right next to his "constitutional scholar" hat.
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