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Romney Was Not the Problem

Matt65 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 9:33 AM
A slander un-denied is a slander confirmed. Romney didn't fight back against the Bain hysteria. On top of that we got side-tracked by Isaac and Sandy. Then there's all the idiots that stayed home and didn't vote because of "principles" (BTW, if you didn't vote, you're a loser). Most of what Coulter says is correct, but Romney was so close that all he needed to do was be more of a scrapper and get in there and fight. Being nice isn't the only thing that shot him down, but it sure didn't help.
Fuzzy2 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 9:47 AM
Can't go with you there Matt.

If you vote for someone you know will break their oath to our highest law, our Constitution, you are as guilty of a criminal act as anyone in history.

We have all been ignoring that fact for a hundred years, but it is true. Most of us have voted many times against our laws in order to get what we want, even if it is only to defeat the other Party. If you want to be conservative and conserve the Constitution, you should also be willing to follow it.

Small minds always leap to the answers given the last time around, which is probably why Maxine Waters keeps getting re-elected. But the last time is not necessarily the same as this time. A terrorist attack is not the same as the Cold War, a war in Afghanistan is not the same as a war in Iraq, and Mitt Romney is not the same as John McCain or Bob Dole.

But since the election, many conservatives seem to be coalescing around the explanation for our defeat given by Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots, who said: "What we...