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Leadership Jobs Open

Matt65 Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 11:40 AM
Democrats are the party of something for nothing. Sorry to say, I don't think the Republicans are that much different. They share in the blame, maybe not as much as the Dems, but they definitely helped put us in this situation. Their tone-deaf campaign of Mitt Romney just adds to the proof that they are out of touch and a huge part of the problem.
Who wants a fantastic job? Unemployment is high, so there ought to be many candidates. The job is leader of the Republican Party.

As leader, you will be the spokesman for a philosophy of smaller government, more individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, free markets and budget cuts. You will speak up for the traditional family and strong community organizations.

On one hand, you stand for keeping taxes low on the very richest Americans. On the other, you're for cutting programs that are broadly popular. Congratulations. What are you for that Americans support? That's what is so great about this job....