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Police on Home Invasion: "You're on Your Own"

matt261 Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 9:46 AM
Actually, this post is in error--the Warren v DC case was not decided by the US Supreme Court, it was decided by the DC Court of Appeals and is cited at 444 A2d 1, decided in 1981. It really has not been cited by courts much beyond those in DC, so its reach is quite limited. The case certainly does not stand for any national or otherwise broad principle of law. FYI

Project Veritas is out with a damning video showing police officers from multiple departments saying "you're on your own" when it comes to home invasions. The video focuses on New Jersey and New York, where it is nearly impossible to obtain a firearm. In New Jersey you must obtain a permit to purchase a Biden approved shotgun. Some officers are seen offering advice about how to fight off an intruder: throw bleach, yell, hide with your cell phone and call the police, etc. Officers steered clear from suggesting the man in the video obtain a firearm to protect himself, his...