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Comeback: Sanford Blows Out Democratic Opponent in Special Election

matt261 Wrote: May 08, 2013 9:21 AM
I think we're past the point of splitting hairs. So Sanford didn't hire prostitutes. This is what he did do: adultery, lying, misused taxpayer money to enable his adultery, trespassed, and foisted the mistress on his poor kids after winning the nomination. Just because Eliot Spitzer is a bum does not mean Sanford isn't. The problem is that the Republicans claim to be better than such stuff, Democrats don't...

Remember when Elizabeth Colbert-Busch was supposedly leading Mark Sanford by nine points two weeks ago?  And when the race was "tied" yesterday?  Yeah, not so much.  Sanford overcame copious personal baggage to regain his old Congressional seat -- and it wasn't even close.  Sanford bested comedian Stephen Colbert's sister by nine points, carrying all five counties in the district.  How did he pull off this cake-walk "upset"?  Three explanations: Hard work, Nancy Pelosi, and the district.  The Campaign Spot's Jim Geraghty