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Chicago Teachers Union thumbs nose at proposed 20% raise

mathnerd Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 11:48 AM
Most of these kids are the ones who end up serving this country. Our teachers are not corrupt but our country is, they want these kids to have limited choices so that the little bit of money they offer to join the armed forces seems like a great deal to go die for a country that could care less about you. And yes many end up on welfare, but again this country;s politics is to blame not teachers.

The Chicago Teachers Union made headlines a few months ago when it was revealed that the union was demanding a 30 percent raise in its new contract proposal.

Such an enormous raise – regardless of the supposed justification – would be unthinkable in a district with a $665 million budget deficit and a 9.8 percent unemployment rate.

The school board countered with an offer of a two percent raise, which would still be a burden on the district’s overstretched budget.

As a result, both the CTU and Chicago Public Schools requested an “independent” fact finder to look at...