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What's a prog? Sounds like a word a 5-year-old would use.
I agree with you. I wish more Obama supporters would realize that they're simply being used.
Mattie, I agree with you. I'm being stupid to make a point.
Moshe will not be insulted, you Nazi!
The mujzzies hate Moshe because Moshe is rich and free! MOshe loves life, and they love death. We have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here!
Hey Delan, Leave Moshe alone, OK?
In Europe anti-semites are thrown in jail. That's one area where Europe is superior to America.
I'm OK with anyone as president as long as they don't turn Moshe into a bar of soap. --Moshe
Anyone who doesn't support their commander-in-chief during a time of war is a traitor! Plain and simple. You people really ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
Then again, I wouldn't mind voting for Romney. I know Romney will do whatever it takes to protect my homeland of Israel. It's really too bad you Americans are broke, though.
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