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Really? Very few conservatives care about their fellow man? News to me.
usm wrote: Masturbating Anally Stuck Tampons __________________________ Who many of you - with any self respect or human decency - will continue to allow trash like this to post on your "conservative" site? How can you be a part of this and hold your head up?
Makes me wonder if the leader of the Republican party, Grover Norquist, gave his approval to the tax hikes. He was fine with 1 million, but 400 thousand?
I would also like to have the number of your trailer in the trailer park
No - we want your address in "Tampa" where you claim to live
Actually, the 47% video was a high for 2012. It was all downhill for willard after that
It is beyond me why townhall continues to allow you to post anything. It is trash like you that have driven an conservative with a brain away from this site. Once again, you are an embarrassment to the human race. Post your address again Carolyn
Lois My parents were republicans for most of their lives. After gw bush - they both said they would NEVER vote republican again. And they are now in their 90's
The high of 2012? When the only adult, the only man with any intelligence, the only man with any compassion for his fellow man, the only man who has the respect of over more than half of the country - was reelected and the republicans learned that they have no future in American politics. .
Carolyn Draper of Greensboro, North Carolina. Check her out on facebook. You will see why she is so angry and bitter. And why she is able to post on clownhall 24/7. I would not want to go outside either
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