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Does Mayor Bloomberg Know What a Drink Refill Is?

massagethemedium Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 11:11 AM
The ban may reduce volume of fountain beverage sold. It will result not in a reduction of fatties, but an increase in prices of food, even services in a wide range of industry, both public and private. It's like killing Coal Plants on one hand, while raising electricity costs for everyone. Who hurts most? Lower income. The profit all businesses enjoy from beverage sales, specially fountain, far exceeds its percentage of sales, and is used to offset food and operations costs. Who will pay more? Everyone. Even those who buy 2 x 16 oz drinks in protest, as they will pay more than for 1 x 32 oz. Where will they pay? Almost everywhere, from parks to gas stations to museums. This is more about crippling the private enterprise biz model.