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For a nice, moderate guy who loved the Constitution and wanted to keep the rep of the Supremes Squeaky Clean, Roberts documented himself as the most activist Judge in U.S. History: he created an rationale unheard in his court, and unpresented by even the Gov Lawyers, and used his Roberts Rules to rewrite not only the ability of Congress to Mold Americans, but how the Supremes can be used to implement the illegality. Using his own "logic" he could have actually read the bill before he determined it was peachy and said, hey, this is an affront to Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness." He Didn't. So now one thing is clear: No More Mr. Moderate. All future GOP Supreme Nominees must fit the Thomas-Scalia-Alito Mold.
The ban may reduce volume of fountain beverage sold. It will result not in a reduction of fatties, but an increase in prices of food, even services in a wide range of industry, both public and private. It's like killing Coal Plants on one hand, while raising electricity costs for everyone. Who hurts most? Lower income. The profit all businesses enjoy from beverage sales, specially fountain, far exceeds its percentage of sales, and is used to offset food and operations costs. Who will pay more? Everyone. Even those who buy 2 x 16 oz drinks in protest, as they will pay more than for 1 x 32 oz. Where will they pay? Almost everywhere, from parks to gas stations to museums. This is more about crippling the private enterprise biz model.
The most astonishing thing about the message in this article is the abandonment of the broad assumption of Social Security and Medicaid as a paid-in benefit, instead of as the AP called it, the Government Dole. Admittedly for most retirees the overall benefit makes the programs above become more like welfare and not a pension. But that is more a result of the way Government takes the money in, gives it to Congress to Spend, never invests it even in itself (until recently). it could also give insight into What Barry II will Do? That is, bring back one of the balloons floated early in Barry I, the takeover of all private retirement accounts, as a way to fund the Welfare State. If I were a Marxist in the Closet, that's what I would do.
If you put the same percentages as taken by Gov for SS over 35 years on an average income of $35,000 at T-bill rates of 3% you would have more than $375K in your private untouchable retirement account, plus money built up to pay private insurance premiums for 25 years after 67 from your MedicareMedicaid. This would generate about $1900 a month for 25 years, way past most actuarial tables of life expectancy. If you put it into stock market, and didnt panic ever time market does what market does, you would have double that. Do the numbers yourself. Have a cry. Vote republican.
The GOP Leadership in Congress should immediately submit legislation supporting the “AMERICAN FAIR TAX RULE FOR BUFFETT”, as follows: -Mr. Buffett is hereby instructed to pay all of his back taxes owed both as himself, and owed by any and all of his companies (amount estimated in excess of $1.3 billion (If he wins his battle with the IRS, he can choose to leave the money in the Treasury, or get a refund. ) (Note: say “The IRS” as one word). Mr. Buffett is further prohibited from saying he wants to pay more taxes until he pays existing taxes. -The United States of America accepts the generous commitment of Mr. Buffett to pay 30% minimum tax on all income effective immediately. Or pay at least 1 per cent more than his secretary.
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