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"Makes you contemplate what the definition of being "educated" is these days." Also makes you contemplate college
5x more people are stabbed to death every year than shot with rifles (that can carry high capacity magazines). Why aren't we having discussion on stabbings and sharp weapons? Why do none of the pro-gun debaters bring this stat up? When Piers and Van basically mocked her "spoon" analogy all she had to say was, "5x more people are killed by stabbings every year than by ALL rifles (not just AR/AK's). Now Piers and Van. Do you consider a knife an assault weapon? Where are the outcry to ban these deadly weapons of war (our soldiers are armed with knives too)?"
Piers Morgan..."England and Australia...blah blah blah" Will his defeated argument ever cease?
"White House press secretary Jay Carney suggested Tuesday that GOP Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul are out of step with the public on gun-control measures." When I read that Jay Carney mentioned the words "Out of Step" and alluded to Cruz, Lee, and Paul as not being in "lock-step" I was instantly reminded of the artwork on Minor Threat's album, Out of Step.
Key words "Up to" $250. Which means most offers will be less than $250.
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Drone Lobbyist Objects to Word "Drone"

MascisMan Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 11:59 AM
"UAS" = Drone like "Gun Violence Prevention" = Gun Control
I guess by "open to the public," they meant, "open to the public, will answer softball questions."
This is basically what the government did with the $200 NFA tax stamp back in 1934. The $200 tax on NFA firearms was more than the firearm itself.
Heading to Amazon now to buy Woodward's book
I am shocked, Obama hasn't muzzled Joe yet.
4. A double barrel shotgun is near worthless when there are 2+ intruders. Heck Joe, I'll agree a shotgun is a great home defense weapon, but at least suggest a pump shotgun with a 5+ magazine tube instead of Grandpa's trusty old double barrel (which you just made a single barrel by blasting a hole in the front door and making it easier for those 2+ intruders to walk in).
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