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Alabama Democrats Dangle Big Teacher Raise Proposal One Week Before Election

MascisMan Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 11:58 PM
I dont know, that was a long time ago and he isn't running for President in this election. If I say "yes" and you agree that redistribution of wealth is bad, then I guess we should both vote Romney over Obama, right?
There’s pandering for votes, and then there’s corruption.

Craig Ford, the Democratic Minority Leader of the Alabama House of Representatives, has both down to perfection.

One week before Election Day, he announced plans to introduce a bill giving all government school teachers a 10 percent raise over two years.

“The cost of living for educators, retirees and state employees has increased by 10 percent since their last pay increase. But this pay increase will also help recruit quality teachers and be a boost for the statewide economy,” Ford was quoted as saying by the Tuscaloosa News.