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Demography Is Destiny

mas1az Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 8:33 AM
When this nations enemies enter and begin shooting all they believe are infidels, they aren't asking whether your liberal, republican, democrat or undecided. If your a Christian they hate you and if you you're not like them they hate you. This administration has opened the door to our enemies and they are knocking, but they are going to go through Israel first, for America has been bought by Obama Phones and freebies through a Government who's hated this country ever since it was created. For you see, Governments are evil, and have nothing to do with a loving God, and thus Satan rules his own world, which is hell. A lot of you will never believe it, thus welcome to hell. And have a great life in your short stay.

Liberals brag about having won the hearts and minds of America, as if, through logic and argument, they've persuaded people to accept their bankrupt European socialist ideas.

Democrats haven't changed anyone's mind. They changed the people.

More white people voted for Mitt Romney this year than voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980. Barack Obama lost white voters by 20 points -- the widest margin since 1984.

But in 1980, whites were 88 percent of the electorate. In 2012, they were 72 percent of the electorate. Not only that, but the non-white electorate is far more Democratic than...