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Barack Obama, Spin Master

mas1az Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 9:05 AM
Just in case you would be right and Obama did win second term, think of it this way also. If the Republicans get both the senate and keep the house, they can impeach him and all his cronies, including Biden, Pelosi and the all who are not true Americans. Now if he were to win and the Republican's don't immediately begin impeachment process, then we know we have to remove all from both parties and start all over again. God bless.

The definition of spin is to apply a slant or particular emphasis to information, as to persuade or deceive.

President Barack Obama really has been pounding the pulpit the past few days, with the election right around the corner, with the help of his speechwriters. He sounds a lot like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. About the only thing Obama hasn't said is "God damn America," as Wright did.

Obama has to pound his chest and beat the drum to rev up the Democratic base. Thank goodness that the only thing Mitt Romney has to do to rev up the Republican base -- and,...