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As a person who has experienced the forever devastation of a seriously mentally ill family member killing another member of the family, I know these ill people should be institutionalized. What is wrong with a medical community that has control of an individual who tells them his voices tell him he has to kill a person (3 times in 72 hours) and actually attacks this person trying to strangle her, then releases him to the person he threatened. Why? They claimed they could not find a notary to witness the commitment forms.
The last statistics I saw was that the ILLEGAL ALIENS coming over the border include 17% other than Latinos. Iraq, Pakistan, China, AFG all included in that 17%.c
5) Do away with chain migration. One amnesty will mean the right for 8-10 more ILLEGALS to come to the US and be given amnesty. 6) Do away with "Jus Solis", citizenship by birth. The authors of the 14th Amendment and the Congress who passed it did not intend for it to include Aliens.
For those of your who don't live in a border state like I do, AZ, It is a fact that many of these children and adults will be snapped up by the human sex trade, others will be kidnapped by the coyotes and end up in drop houses being raped, beaten and starved and held until their families (if they have any) pay a ransom for their release.
The same way that our BP pick them up and don't detain them. They just "turn around" the majority and then Oshthed calls that a deportation, when in reality the ILLEGALS who receive this treatment just wait or go a few miles and come right back over the US border. I live in AZ and have actually watched this process occur.
I will disagree with one statement that Michelle makes in her essay. Big Business Republicans." As we all know, there are many Big Business Democrats - in fact Obumbler and the Democrats receive millions of dollars of contributions from them folks, even more than the Republicans. Apple, Warren Buffet, George Soros.....
Once again the bleedingheartliberalpukes will shove "the children" in our face to justify illegal and inhumane practices. Let the kids go to jail - maybe the word will get back to their home countries and the flood will moderate, if not stop. I wish some of you bleedingheartliberalpukes cared as much about my AMERICAN CITIZEN great grand kids and their hero SEAL father as you do about these people who don't belong here.
Where do you mean by "here", the US or from TX to AZ? Those kids, for the most part, walk from their Central American homes to the US. Our gooberment either rents buses or uses their own buses to move the ILLEGAL ALIENS from TX to AZ. This pitiful situation is a direct result of Oshthed's illegal Dreamers actions.
One more time Obumbler has betrayed our warriors.
Bush hasn't been CIC for over five years. News flash for you Cammy - .Bush doesn't have the authority. PS - he is abandoning our warriors, but that's no different than he has done from the day he walked into office.
That's easy to answer - no - he will abandon them. He will abandon them, just like in Benghazi and just like he will abandon the 3,500 troops he has sent to Africa.
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