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To Create Boom, GOP Needs to Change Tune

Mary Kay Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 8:54 AM
Unfortunately, too many people could care less about what's really going on and buy into all the BS that is fed to them on national media outlets. If Obama & Co. ever attempt the reported 3rd term idea - that's when you'll see a civil war erupt in this country. GOP is just as responsible for the "green" fraud that is being inflicted on all of us, with ignorant, greed-driven guys like Iowa's Chuck Grassley leading the the charge to the corporate welfare feeding trough. Vote 'em all out!

Obama comes out the victor in the messaging battle of the fiscal cliff negotiations. CNN contributor Ruben Navarrette Jr. said: “He is so good at the business of politics that he’s really outmaneuvered them.”

How did he do this? According to John Judis in the New Republic, “He campaigned publicly. He framed the issues. He put the Republicans on the defensive in a way that he failed to do during much of his first term.” 

Even the far-right agrees. In a post titled: “GOP drift losing ‘cliff’ message battle,” Mike Flynn argues: “The GOP is...