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Big Wind Boondoggle by Big-Spending Republicans

Mary Kay Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 6:24 PM
Not when those personal "windmills" are also being paid for by ALL U.S. taxpayers & ratepayers. I recently wrote an article covering this very topic, vietnamvet, that I think you will find most enlightening -- 'P.C.' power is not "sustainable" at:

Big-spending Republicans should be afraid following the upset victories by Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz in Texas on Tuesday, over the establishment candidate David Dewhurst, and Richard Mourdock, over six-term incumbent Richard Lugar, in Indiana on May 9. On Thursday, Washington Post editorial board member, Jonathan Capeheartsaid: “Folks might not like the Tea Party much. But that’s not stopping this loosely affiliated band of people fed up with government spending and deficits from sending like-minded souls to Congress.”