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The Democrat party is the party of death and all things horrible! If this election drives a stake into the heart of the money-grubbing, abortion-loving, life-hating, union-adoring, and criminal Democrats currently in office, that will be "a start". Yes, the Republicans have a long way to go, too, but they are a far cry from today's liberals/Democrats.
I am concerned at the casual way all the talking head network anchors are using the word "beheaded". Like this is now an everyday event. It is horrific, and not anything to do with life in America. It is foreign, and backward, and needs to not be a part of our dialog here. It goes beyond a total lack of respect for life to a total desecration of the human being.
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Suicide by Democrat

Mary Carol Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 10:02 AM
Mr. Baisley, you are right on, except for one thing: it is the tyrannical Michelle Obama who wants us to eat our vegetables and exercise! Do as she says, not as she does. That's another classic Democrat subterfuge and delusion.
WRONG! This is glossing over all the wrongs still hurting Cincinnati---a city that will soon be Detroit, with inner city murders, robberies, and rapes, and it will soon be bankrupt, due to decades of Democrat mayors and councils consistently overspending revenues. Cincinnati was a once-beautiful place to live and be raised in, but no longer. And yes, I was born and raised there, and choose to live elsewhere. A black mayor and police chief may have appeased many, but it did nothing to solve the root cause of the problem.
I would like to ask all the liberals who are currently foaming at the mouth about 'the children' why they do not share this same passion for OUR children? Those would be our children living in inner cities that are crumbling, due to liberal or Democrat governing for decades. They live with poverty, gang wars, violence, drugs, innocent children being shot or raped, every damn day. I am talking about cities like Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many more. What about our OWN children? The ones in our own cities? Our children who are innocent victims of all that the illegal children are escaping. When are you going to care about them, Gutierrez, Pelosi, Ron Fournier, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and so many more delusional individuals.
Soon to join the ranks of Detroit, St. Louis, and Chicago will be Cincinnati---it is crumbling before our very eyes, due to several decades of Democrats governing the city.
It's just too damn bad that chief Justice John Roberts did not leave the law alone and say "it says what it says"! No, he had to tweak it and change the word "penalty" to "tax". And then he voted in favor of it. He is a total disgrace to anything that relates to justice and our Constitution!
Eric Holder's wife, Sharon D. Malone, is also a physician at the Foxhall practice. A clear case of "do as I say and not as I do"! Liberals are such hypocrites!
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Killing Joy

Mary Carol Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 9:57 AM
Actually, there are many more hyphens than just race. The Left has done a marvelous job of carving our country into hyphenated groups based on not only race, but ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and "class". We were a nation without classes, until the Left and the "progressives" came into power. And with all the hyphens, they have divided us and riled up all the special interest groups. So now they have regressed us into a third world nation.
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The 'Obama Brand' in Crisis

Mary Carol Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 11:03 PM
I am pretty sure everything Obama touches turns into camel dung!
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Yuck: Michelle for Senate 2016?

Mary Carol Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 2:38 PM
YUCK is right! The only thing Michelle knows how to run for is a meal!!! And she does not know the first thing about managing anything, other than racial rage and hatred!
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