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NRA Slams Biden Meeting

maryanne24 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 9:27 PM
Gee. In CT, I was finger printed. Background checked...and photographed. Is that bad? That is what I had to do.
traitorbill Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 9:52 PM
Now they know where to go when they want to confiscate your gun. Get another one they don't know about.
maryanne24 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 9:41 PM
Helps that my husband is an attorney and tells me where I can carry etc.
maryanne24 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 9:40 PM
JOn - This was what I had to do to get a pistol permit. In CT I can carry the gun - but I just got my first gun last month and don't plan on carrying it. I want to make sure I am fully comfortable. I am taking another tactial class.
Jon Russo Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 9:34 PM
For CCW? Same here in Colorado.

My Sheriff refuses to give the state a list of CCW permit holders. He's one of two in the state. Awesome guy.
Ken6226 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 9:32 PM
And we saw how well that worked in preventing the Newtown massacre.

The NRA met with Vice President Biden and the gun violence task force today as part of a series of meetings with key stakeholders in the gun debate. The NRA’s statement about the meeting confirms that that White House was never interested in having an honest, inclusive debate about how to prevent tragedies like Newtown from happening again, but rather, is focused on its “agenda to attack the Second Amendment.”

Fairfax, Va.– The National Rifle Association of America is made up of over 4 million moms and dads, daughters and sons, who are involved in the national conversation...

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