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Fewer Families, Less Religion -- and Less Freedom

maryanne24 Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 8:56 PM
I have heard it called middle class values, right? Are they trying to eliminate the middle class so that we will also be dependent on them? It seems like they are threatened by the middle class and middle class values.
Troglodite Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 9:09 PM

You are correct on all scores, I believe. If I refer to the target by the name "bourgeois virtue," rather than "middle class values," I claim only the justification that the assault has been under way for a long time--indeed, from the time that Marx attacked the "bourgeoisie." In a way, the leftist and revolutionary cause tried two tacks before finding one that worked: first was the political approach of the French revolutionaries, then came the economic approach fo Marxism. Both fizzled. What has succeeeded has been the cultural and moral attack of the neo-Marxists, including our own hippies. If the topic interests you, we can discuss further.

The kind of limited government, democratic republic America has always been is possible for only two reasons: (1) The government isn't the sole (or even major) source of economic and social support for its citizens; and (2) Principles, ethics and incentives other than the simple fear of punishment has been effective in deterring anti-social behavior.

That's why it's so disconcerting to learn that two big factors in President Obama's re-election was his electoral dominance among both unmarried Americans (at an all time high) and the religiously unaffiliated (also growing ever larger).

The statistics about single voters are discouraging because...