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I am cynical but I can't help but believe that bringing in all these non Americans is done to dilute American culture. Eventually (soon) there will be less and less traditional Americans questioning government. The illegals come form countries with corrupt governments. They also don't know that freedom loving Americans don't tolerate certain things....They aren't going to stand and fight. They aren't going to learn in school (for sure especially with common core) the truth about our founding. This is why the left wants to move entire populations cross the border...so that they outnumber us...and traditional America is diluted. Sad
They do have that belief that America stole their land. It all is because of the public education system. But more I think the left is pro - illegal immigration because illegal immigration brings an inevitable cultural transformation. Since these illegals don't understand what it means to be American and never learned it in school, they will not question a gov that oversteps (like this one). It sounds cynical but I think ultimately they want them to be the majority...It seems to be headed that way...
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The Troubles with Common Core

maryanne24 Wrote: Apr 21, 2014 8:49 AM
I haven't written much on TH lately, but I was reading this article and thought I'd comment. I have been teaching for 12 years in NYC when CCSS we're implemented couple years ago. The goal is that every kid across America be learning the exact same thing at the exact same time. Teachers basically read a script. The textbooks are put out by the same publishing companies and push an agenda, subtle right now yes...but do we want federal gov in control of what's out there? Admit that right now...there is a divide in this country. Kids are not learning the truth about our history and that's been going on for years in public schools. Children in the cities have no idea who kurt founding fathers are.....Just that they owned slaves....CCSS make this happen even faster. Whate we teach and who is teaching it matters. Kids are easily influenced. I have written a lot about common core in local papers.
And the value added method of evaluating teachers is lacking in so many areas.
This (test scores)is not the right way to evaluate teachers for so many reasons. BUT, people may not even realize that teachers are evaluated on many things...test score are 20-40% depends on union, more. In NYC they use "Danielson" framework and it measures competencies....One competency out of about 22 of them is how you "respect the students' culture" or something like that....There are so many ways to "get" a teacher and I think it is just a way to have so many things in place that you can find the teacher guilty of something. i think it's a way to get rid of teachers who aren't like minded AND it also forces teachers to do exactly as we are told for fear of losing their jobs. So, you must do this and you must do that...a lot about multiculturalism, even if you don't agree.
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Killing Liberty With Kindness

maryanne24 Wrote: Jan 19, 2014 11:34 PM
It isn't kindness at all...
I haven't been on here in a while and she is still so dumb, I know that sounds harsh. And for the millionth time...the argument about access to guns is getting lame...We can't eliminate guns any more than we can eliminate other illegals things dugs etc... Only the law abiding will be disarmed. And personally when I hear stories like this I want to buy more guns and more ammo
I don't even care bout the race of the killers. Any way, it is disgusting. But you know if it was reversed what it would be. And if you are going to deny that there is not an attempt to hide black on white crime, wake up.. and you obviously don't understand that many are raised to hate whites and that they have good reason to.
The fact that no one condemns it basically says - that we expect blacks to kill whites and each other - no big deal...and it also almost says to the blacks that it is ok. Not all blacks, but thugs like this who are told their whole lives that the reason they aren't rich, successful, etc is because of the evil rich whites. That really is the narrative. And they learn it in school media
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