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Media Ignores Benghazi on Sunday Shows

mary anne24 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 10:44 AM
People would care if they were given the facts. You bet people would care. So go ahead and be happy that the media is dishonest just to protect a candidate that throws everyone under the bus and is bent on destroying this nation, and fools like you are allowing it to happen. We know nobody cares.....and we'll all pay the price for that,,,,including and especially dopes like you.

What is it with the "mainstream" media flat out ignoring scandals that involve the cold blooded murders of Americans? The same Americans who defended the right for the press to do their job by protecting the First Amendment and freedom in the first place? Not to mention, the so-called government watchdogs known as the lapdog media, are refusing to expose why dead Americans were left out to dry by the Obama administration. First, it was Operation Fast and Furious, where the Obama administration was literally arming the enemy and as a consequence, former Marine and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry...