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Is Your 5-Year-Old Transgender?

Maryann45 Wrote: May 22, 2012 12:16 PM
I too wanted to be a boy from the time I can remember. Fortunately for me none of the modern thinking existed. I felt for many years it was a man's world and women certainly were the underdogs. Finally around age 40 I discovered being a female had many benefits and at least since it was a man's world I wasn't responible for the shape it is in!

A 5-year-old child with large dark eyes, full lips and a button nose stares out from the front page of the Washington Post Sunday edition. "Transgender at Five" declares the provocative headline. The child's hair is being cut in a close boy's cut by her father.

We learn from the article that "Tyler," who was born "Kathryn," began insisting that she was a boy at the age of 2. "'I am a boy' became a constant theme in struggles over clothing, bathing, swimming, eating, playing, breathing." The child's parents, at first uneasy and later accepting of their girl's desire to be...