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Did any of them win? No, because they were not ready for prime time. Lost the chance for the Senate that election and it cost us dearly when Harry changed the rules.
Really? I am not your enemy even though you seem to think so. I am a reliable Republican voter. Might need to examine your litmus test, seems very narrow if you think I am a Dem
I am not in denial about anything Calohan. I am not in favor of Obamacare in total, but I am in favor of insurance without pre existing condition ban, no lifetime caps and took advantage of keeping my youngest on my insurance until 26, as she could not find a job with insurance benefits after graduating college. If that makes me somehow less than a conservative Republican, doubt I am alone. The party cannot afford to lose the votes of conservative Rebublicans like me.
The Republicans need to advertise their healthcare ideas. Insurance portable across state lines is a winning idea, how many people have heard about it? The party has done a poor job in confronting Obamacare. There are parts of Obamacare that will never be reversed as they have majority approval. However, the structure and inverse incentives will not work, hope the Repubs can present an alternative more in line with free market and choice.
Who is JRusso? Who is asking anyone to pay for my healthcare? Certainly, I am not as I have always paid for my own healthcare, thank you. If you think I am a Soros troll, we are really in trouble. Good grief.
Really? Ted is my Senator and I voted for him. Would hate to see his career short circuited by a premature run. He has great potential but needs experience. My opinion as a Texas Republican voter.
Don't rush Ted, he is not ready. He needs to serve his term in the Senate and gain experience in legislating. Let us not make the same mistake the Dems made in a first term Senator that has no clue how to lead.
No kidding. Judicial nominations alone should be scary enough if we have another Dem Pres.
So, who are you thinking?
If it comes to that, rather have Hillary lite than Hillary full strength.
Clinton vs Bush 2016? Really?
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