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Dems could vote in this Repub primary?
Decent chance of getting caught? Children uneducated? Farmers giving up labor to work the fields? Have you ever been to Texas? Want to sabotage Texas economy? Ever wonder why GWB or Perry advocated for temporary worker permit? Repubs need to form plan now...
Ok, it must be my attitude that is causing the problem, no wonder we are in such a mess...
Ok, well that will not solve the problem of the massive influx from Mexico but if it makes you feel better....
Again, how are you going to do that?
Ok Nathan, come to Texas. See how possible it is to control the border,
Live in Texas, probably the most conservative state, and it is impossible to secure the border. Even the fences proved to be inadequate. Another plan needs to be developed to address.
Oh my, don't know Ronald but have posted only my own thoughts. Don't want to hear another Repub voice on a conservative website, silly. Can't take another conservative opinion? Come on, we are in trouble if conservatives cannot honestly voice differences without banishment.
Citation where he advocated for amnesty?
Build a fence along the Texas border that is impenetrable? Good luck!
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