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All true, but it will take at least a year to be dismissed and the press will destroy Perry's chances before 2016. Never a big fan of Perry for Pres. but hate to see his chances destroyed with BS.
The Dems found a way to remove one possible candidate for 2016. Perry was not my favorite but would have liked to see him try.
Good grief, many here seem to think all Hispanics are here illegally. Texas has a huge population of legal immigrants of Hispanic descent, must we alienate them all with insults and assure they align with the Dems? The loss of electoral votes from Texas will be A devastating and fatal blow to the conservatives.
who is saying they don't want to speak English? Did you read the article?
You do realize many Hispanics here in Texas are legal immigrants, right?
No, they are not refusing to assimilate but helping them understand the DMV, state regulations, learning English is the best way to achieve assimilation. They want to understand and we need to assist, this is how to win future voters and there will be many.
No, not all are here illegally even in Texas. Seen no evidence that this principal was confronting students here illegally. They were middle school kids who talk in class. Come on, this is what middle school kids do, whether Hispanic or all American. Don't think she should have been fired and would guess she will be reinstated. This was a knee wrk reaction. However, such response in Red State Texas should be a wake up call for conservatives.
Wow, ok. Kiss off the state of Texas for future electoral votes. Wise move, no...
Not in my experience, perhaps that is why I am so defensive. Here know first generation maid that has architect son, police officer daughter, both bilingual children that were ESOL kids. The red state of Texas will only remain if this type of prejudice is stopped now. If not, the electoral votes of Texas will turn blue, not something I want as a conservative.
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