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KS-SEN Polls Still Within Margin Of Error

Mary973 Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 1:14 AM
Well, the voters decided the candidates....
I am one Texas Republican that in no way favors Ted for President.
Good for Christie! He, unlike Cuomo, stood his ground and is trying to protect the citizens of NJ. Have been disappointed with my own Gov's lack of leadership in Texas, Rick has been invisible throughout this crisis in Texas.
Been no vote yet, but she seems to be winning I the polls...
Hope not but who can beat her?
How is this race even close? Hagen was supposed to be the most vulnerable Senator in 2014. What happened?
Not a one issue voter and certainly not over gay rights. Huckabee will never be President, so one less candidate to consider.
Does he really have proof that his statements are true?
He went in to the apartment without any protective clothing, no way to know if anything he touched with bare hands was contaminated. He also walked into a Care One facility with his symptoms, exposing the staff there and patients if he is positive. Geez...Hope he tests negative.
Not a credible reason for the terrible misjudgement. Even if the nurse documented his travel to Liberia and Electronic notes malfunctioned, the Dr. in the ER should have questioned his travel with his presenting symptoms.
I watched the first episode and didn't think the character was anything like Hillary, in fact thought she was the total opposite. Outside the box thinker, totally non ambitious for higher office, and totally devoted to protecting her ambassadors.
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