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So, what is the solution? We have porous borders and always have, how to address? When parts of family are here and want others to join? What is the answer?
Only question is who can beat Hillary? It will be tough, the Dems are counting on another historic first.
Who might be the winners against Hillary?
If it precludes a Hillary landslide...
Yet, he did not...
"Haven't read your posts" hmm. Yet I seem lunatic bound. Explains a lot.
Would that not be a good thing?
No, and you did not address the fact we lost the Senate and the ability to stop or change Obamacare with those Senate losses
Oh good grief, I think you must be a Dem paid to oppose Repub here. You are that wrong.
Who is Dave M?
Did any of them win? No, because they were not ready for prime time. Lost the chance for the Senate that election and it cost us dearly when Harry changed the rules.
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