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Yes, let's allow the Dems to retain the majority in the Senate by voting 3rd party or staying home. Do you know how many bills the Rep led House has passed that Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid won't even allow the Senate to take up? Good grief, forest for the trees people!
If proof of that exists, charges could be filed. Have they?
If he actually cheated that would be a criminal offense. Soliciting voters who are Dems to vote for him in a primary is legal in Mississippi.
Reads like the judge ruled on the law.
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"I’d Drive His Bus if He Asked Me"

Mary973 Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 1:52 AM
We would have been so much better off and safer if Romney had won. Thanks conservatives that stayed home because Romney was not conservative enough. We get what we deserve don't we?
Funny, but Rick needs to be careful not to play into the caricature the Dems love to perpetuate.
Austin, San Antonio same politics. Grand jury was Travis county though and that is Austin.
It is a ridiculous indictment but unfortunately will take time to resolve. The Dems have successfully removed one threat to Hillary.
All true, but it will take at least a year to be dismissed and the press will destroy Perry's chances before 2016. Never a big fan of Perry for Pres. but hate to see his chances destroyed with BS.
The Dems found a way to remove one possible candidate for 2016. Perry was not my favorite but would have liked to see him try.
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