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The Bridgegate Investigation to Nowhere

Mary973 Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 9:24 PM
Has never been the case and never will
Don't like open primaries? Then close them...
Sorry, not going to get over beyond decency tactics like that which reflect a lack of character in candidates.
Ok, like the very high minded principle of taking video of a disabled wife?
Perhaps, but trailer trash?
Not over until last vote counted, but why the hate of Cochran? Not like McDaniel ideal candidate.
Sure the people of Mississippi appreciate your characterization.
Doubt that Cochran will win the general? He is GOP.
Cantor believed his polls and didn't bother to touch base with his voters. Any politician in leadership is at risk as their job in leadership takes them away from their home state voters. Cantor paid the price. Not sure if Brat will actually be a better Rep for Virginia but the voters decided. However, Brat was not a TEA party candidate.
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