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GOP Establishment Weary of Romney

Mary973 Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 10:11 AM
"Got us to nominate?" Those candidates were elected in GOP primaries across the country....there were more conservative candidates that challenged Romney, none could get enough votes to defeat him.
Go ahead vote for Louie, we will see how far that goes! I am flexible as long as Repubs maintain the majority as they more closely reflect my political views. As a moderate Republican, I do not vote Dem. and even supported Ted and Cornyn here in Texas. All Repub voters are not alike and do not support every position but that is how to win the majority and have impact on the direction of the country.
Educate myself? Wow, insult those who vote Republican and agree on most issues. Not a winning strategy. Heard of the concept of cutting off your nose to spite your face?
What the constitution states is not debatable but interpretation seems to be...otherwise, why have a Supreme Court?
I do have standards. Elected to do a job, yes. I am the reason for Obama? Good grief, examine your own standards if you believe that accusation.
did I do that? Just saying there are differences in opinion in the party, who aligns with the constitution and founders is debatable.
Right, think I will rely on my reading of Reagan thank you.
Nothing is wrong with me, but politics is compromise and knowing your principles. Think Reagan didn't know when to work deals to accomplish goals? Know why he was so successful? He did not alienate anyone, he knew how to convince without demonizing, especially those in his own party.
Wow, insulting voters who vote Repub? Voted for Ted here in Texas. To have influence on the direction of the country, majority in congress is vital. Do you not realize that? Minority has little influence or power to change anything. Can Minority raise objections? Yes, but has no power to lead.
You think all far right candidates won their primaries?
So, you wanted a shutdown? That has worked to our advantage so often, geez.
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